‘TEENAGE SUPERSTARS’ embarks on the influential wave of Scottish indie guitar acts that emerged from Glasgow in the late 80’s, which shaped and impacted the music world universally. The story behind The Pastels, The Vaselines, BMX Bandits, The Soup Dragons, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Teenage Fanclub.

Los Angeles, CA – July 18, 2018 – From Postcard Records to 53rd & 3rd, ‘TEENAGE SUPERSTARS’ is a love letter to Glasgow’s ’80s music scene that broke new ground in post-punk, indie-pop and other unique and untapped genres.

After distribution of ‘BIG GOLD DREAM’ to the U.S., TriCoast Entertainment is thrilled to bring director Grant McPhee’s second installment of the “Sound of Young Scotland” series, ‘TEENAGE SUPERSTARS’ to the U.S. starting this week of July, alongside credited producer Wendy Griffin and co-producers Angela Slaven, Erik Sandberg, and associate producers Martin Ewart and Tim Cairns. As McPhee’s second installment of the “Sound of Young Scotland” series, ‘TEENAGE SUPERSTARS’ picks up where ‘BIG GOLD DREAM’ left off; the scene now left empty of the alternative pop music of Orange Juice and Aztec Camera from Alan Horne’s small-lived yet critical label, Postcard Records, which imploded as they headed for London.

Photo from Pitchfork: Jesus & Mary Chain photo by Tony Mottram/Getty Images.

A new scene was needed and grew as Glasgow’s music scene changed radically from the mid ‘80s to early ‘90s, as the new era of rebellion revitalized the punk genre as it merged with independent music, allowing its artists to break-free from the area’s previous music scene. With stripped t-shirts, zero desire to sign with a major record label and the boredom that inspired a passion for new music, Glasgow’s music scene emerged with new alternative pop music – The Pastels, The Soup Dragons, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Teenage Fanclub. Created by Stephen “Pastel” McRobbie from The Pastels, Sandy McLean and David Keegan arose the label 53rd & 3rd, which created universal music success by signing The Vaselines (Frances McKee and Eugene Kelly), Shop Assistants, and releasing records from BMX Bandits.

“It’s a story that has been outlined before, but perhaps never told in so much loving detail,” wrote Pitchfork’s Marc Hogan.

Photo from Glasgowist: The Pastels.

McPhee’s 10-year-in-the making documentary gives a great authenticity to era and continues to preserves Scotland’s lost music gems and their legacy through archived footage, interviews and current recordings from world musicians including, Sean Dickson (The Soup Dragons, soundtrack: ‘The World’s End’, ‘Hellraiser III’), Douglas Hart (Jesus and Mary Chain), Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), BMX Bandits (Duglas T. Stewart) performing on Argyle Street and even the riots at London Poly.‘TEENAGE SUPERSTARS’ is “bursting with new interviews, rare archive, untold stories along with some of the most amazingly difficult, scratchy, noisy, genius pop music ever given to the world,” wrote Social Screen.

Narrated by Kim Deal (The Pixies), ‘TEENAGE SUPERSTARS’ had its world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2017, receiving two prestigious nominations for Best Documentary Feature Film and Audience Award. “Beyond being a story about music I think it’s also a story about friendship. And it’s also about how these people in music needed each other. I think it could have an appeal beyond just music anoraks. I think it’s quite a moving story, it’s a affectionate record of people that were friends at a particular time,” examined The Fountain’s Keira Brown

Exclusively from TriCoast Entertainment, ‘TEENAGE SUPERSTARS’ will be released on U.S. VOD platforms beginning July 16th. Watch the trailer for here For press inquiries and exclusive interviews, please contact


TEENAGE SUPERSTAR (2017, 107 min.) Directed by Grant McPhee. Written by: Grant McPhee, Angela Slaven. Produced by: Grant McPhee, Wendy Griffin. Co-Produced by: Angela Slaven, Erik Sandberg. Editor: Angela Slaven. Cinematographers: Grant McPhee, Garry Torrance, Martin Parry. UK, English. On-Set Digital, TriCoast Entertainment.


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