Tragedy stricken, darkened twists and turns and almost unwatchable – “A 2ND CHANCE is a nicely made suspense film that keeps you trying to figure out what is going to happen next, only to realize you never saw that coming,” (EUR).

Los Angeles, CA – July 18, 2018 –A treat to see its limited release at the Arena Cinelounge – a hidden Hollywood gem.” – ‘A 2nd CHANCE, The Hollywood Times.

“How far does ones moral compass tilt when faced with easing the pain of a loved one?  What is considered just or unjust and right or wrong? That is what we find out in, ‘A SECOND CHANCE’, a Nordic noir independent film directed by Oscar-winning and Emmy nominated Susanne Bier and stars Game of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as a police detective whose morals are severely tested and dare I say compromised,” opened EUR after attending the film over the weekend.

From July 13th – July 19thROCK SALT RELEASING will continue its successful representation of Bier’s baby snatching drama ‘A 2nd CHANCE’ at Los Angeles’ Arena Cinelounge Sunset until its release onto online video streaming platforms beginning July 23rd.

Alongside previous collaborator for ‘In A Better World’, Ander Thomas Jensen, “there’s just no stopping them,” said KPCC, also referring to Bier as “one of the best directors in the world”. Successfully capturing and exposing the extreme horrors of child neglect and baby snatching in a rare cinematic way, ‘A 2nd CHANCE’ (En chance til) is a brooding, dark Nordic noir that dives deep into human nature’s battle against tragedy, while tackling the complex, moral dilemmas of adulthood by showing just how far parents will go for innocent children. “Bier works largely in close-ups to emphasize the internal conflicts of the characters,” observed The Hollywood Times.

“It’s really anchored by a very strong performance by the Game of Thrones’ star [Nikolaj Coster-Waldau],” stated KPCC in a recent podcast.

Bier‘s Danish drama follows Detective Andreas (Coster-Waldau) and his drunken, divorcee partner Simon (Ulrich Thomsen), who are alerted of a domestic disturbance at two young junkies’ apartment where they discover a baby boy covered in his own excrement and suffering from dreadful child neglect. But, Andreas’ life begins to unravel into moral and ethical disarray when his own infant son suddenly passes, and the young father finds his morals blurring as he is forced to confront the difference between right and wrong. Unable to handle the treatment of the junkies’ child, Andreas finds himself trapped between the doing the right thing, saving the baby boy, or the wrong thing, baby snatching. “He makes a decision that leads down a dark and twisted path – most of which you will see coming, but some of which you won’t,” continued The Hollywood Times.

With “almost unwatchable, grim scenes but [Bier] carries them,” said KPCC, ‘A 2nd CHANCE is “quite a ride”.

In collaboration with Trustnordisk and production companies, Zentropa, Zentropa International Sweden, FilmFyn and Film I Vast, ROCK SALT RELEASING will continue its representation of ‘A 2nd CHANCE’ through July 19th at Los Angeles’ Arena Cinelounge Sunset (www.arenascreen.com/event/second-chance). ‘A 2nd CHANCE’ will be available on video digital platforms beginning July 23rd, including Amazon and Fandango. For press inquires, please contact: jenna@tricoast.com

Alongside Coster-Waldau (‘Oblivion’, ‘Mama’), ‘A 2nd CHANCE’ stars award-winning Swedish actress, Maria Bonnevie (‘I Am Dina’, ‘The Banishment”, ‘The 13th Warrior’), Nikolai Lie Kaas (‘Angels & Demons’) and debuting model, Lykke May Andersen. Alongside are Ulrich Thomsen (‘The Blacklist’, ‘Hitman’), nominated Roland Moller (‘Atomic Blonde’) and Peter Harber (‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’).

A 2nd CHANCE (2018, 102 min.) Directed by Susanne Bier. Editor: Pernille Bech Christensen. Cinematographer: Michael Snyman. Original Music: Johan Söderqvist. US, English. Zentropa, Zentropa International Sweden, FilmFyn, Film I Vast. TriCoast Worldwide, Rock Salt Releasing.

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Zentropa, Zentropa International Sweden, FilmFyn and Film I Vast. 

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