Intellifluence launches Intellifluence Promise to mitigate transaction risk for both brands and influencers during payment

The internet world is prone to a wide range of security breaches which may cost businesses, brands and their clients millions of dollars if and when online transaction details are stolen.

Scottsdale, AZ The internet world is prone to a wide range of security breaches which may cost businesses, brands and their clients millions of dollars if and when online transaction details are stolen. To avoid this security breach and further strengthen the relationship and trust between clients and the team of influencer marketing professionals at Intellifluence, the brand has launched its own secured payment platform dubbed the Intellifluence Promise which guarantees clients the much-needed level of trust and satisfaction while reducing transaction risks.

Describing the services offered by the company and the latest secured payment platform launched to mitigate transaction risks, the spokesperson for the influencer marketing company, Intellifluence, said: “It’s simple; the Intellifluence Promise is our commitment to the community. We care about each and every member of the network, from the biggest brand to the smallest influencer, and will do what we can ensure a fair and healthy marketplace exists for all. The Intellifluence Promise is a mission statement for our 100% Payments transactions, where Intellifluence is able to ensure the proper flow of funds.”

The team at Intellifluence, with the newest launch of its secured influencer marketing payments platform, Intellifluence Promise seeks to protect clients’ transactions thereby allowing brands and influencer breathe easy knowing they do not have to worry about possible fraud attempts. With the use of the Intellifluence Promise, a brand can fund its account and work against that balance when pitching influencers with the knowledge that they no longer have to worry about the influencer taking their money and disappearing. On the other end of the line, the Intellifluence Promise also guarantees that influencers do not have to miss out on an opportunity due to their insistence on getting paid upfront for the services to be offered.

The team, in line with the influencer mission statement, seeks to guarantee with the use of the Intellifluence Promise that no future campaigns involving cash can start without money being confirmed as existing. In addition to this, larger brands running large campaigns do not have to waste significant time making individual payments while brands handling primary product campaigns can shift to cash campaigns. The Intellifluence Promise also affords influencers who have in the past received products as compensation to now receive money being paid for the services rendered.

While the team of experts at Intellifluence are excited to cross off the Intellifluence Promise from its to-do list after investing two years in the development of the secure payment platform, the team is further committed to making the environment creative and secure for agencies, brands and influencers while maintaining its quality standard and straightforward pricing which allows small businesses act like big brands.

The team of influencer marketing specialists at Intellifluence can be reached for inquiries by visiting the company’s office located at 16420 N 92nd St, Suite 100 Scottsdale AZ 85260 or by placing a call through to its hotline on (855) 476-1597. Additional information can be sourced via its online channels by sending Andrew Evans an email message at or visiting the company’s website at

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