Lee Lifting Services Now Offers Crane Rentals in Hertfordshire

Feltham, Middlesex – Lee Lifting Services Limited has been providing crane rentals to the greater London area and southern England since 1981. They have recently expanded their area of service and now also offer crane rental in Hertfordshire.

Few people outside of the construction field have likely ever found themselves in need of a crane, but the need for lifting services is actually more common than one might expect. Aside from the obvious construction purposes, cranes can useful in a multitude of situations: lifting furniture into small city apartments, moving statues or large pieces of art, or even lifting people for film and television purposes. When one finds themselves in need of a crane, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Most people have little to no familiarity with cranes or lifting and will need to consult with a subject matter expert before they can even place an order for service. When choosing a company, customers will want to work with experienced experts who are adaptable, will do the job well, and will charge a fair price. Most importantly, customers want to have total confidence that the cranes they hire are completely safe and up to code. 

For people located in London or southern England, Lee Lifting Services has been the place to go since 1981. Lee Lifting Services since expanded and now offers crane hire, Hertfordshire as well. They have a fleet of cranes that can handle a wide range of weights and operate in all types of environments. The experts at Lee Lifting offer consultations to help customers determine the best way to meet their needs. They have a reputation for doing good work on both typical and unusual jobs, and pride themselves on regular maintenance and equipment inspections to ensure all their vehicles exceed current standards.

Lee Lifting Services Ltd offers compact cranes designed for city use, as well as cranes designed to operate on all terrain. Their operators have experience working a very diverse range of jobs but are also well versed in typical construction jobs. Lee Lifting offers cranes for use on a contract basis as well as under a CPA agreement (in which the customer must plan and operate the crane). For more information visit http://www.leelifting.co.uk/crane-hire-hertfordshire.htm.

People in London and southern England have trusted Lee Lifting Services Ltd for more than three decades. The quality of their service has allowed them to expand and become the main provider of crane rental, Hertfordshire, but wherever they are, customers know that Lee Lifting will get the job done right.

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