Introducing SLEEP NOW – the Instant, Simple Cure for Sleeplessness

New York, NY – Certified Hypnotherapist Sandy Ames is delighted to announce the release of her new audio book Sleep Now!: Self Hypnosis Meditation. Get to Sleep in Under 14 Minutes!, now available on Audible and iTunes. The first of what will be an ongoing series of hypnotherapy audibles, SLEEP NOW is a #1 New Release on Amazon, and is already receiving rave reviews from happy customers.

“The feedback has been incredible,” says Ames. “And no wonder. Sleep is so important, and lack of sleep causes more than a few side effects. If you know anyone who has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, SLEEP NOW is an easy, instant, cure. No drugs, no learning curve, no work, no reading, no instructions, no working out! Just literally lay back, listen, and let SLEEP NOW knock you out!”

According to Ames, getting sufficient sleep results in feelings of calmness and relaxation, and even leads to weight loss:

“When we sleep better, our body gets a chance to release a sleep hormone that burns fat while we sleep,” she explains.

Suitable for anyone over the age of six who has trouble either getting to sleep or staying asleep, the audio allows the listener to fall asleep in under 14 minutes without any effort. Described as “your self hypnosis meditation to a better life,” the book has received a number of 5-star reviews on Amazon:

“A must have!!!” says GG. “A must have for anyone who has even the slightest difficulty of falling asleep…”

“Unbelievable! No longer a skeptic!” adds NYC Lifer. “…I am forever complaining about being tired. I decided to try it even with low expectations about hypnosis. Wow! I cannot recommend this book enough!”

And from Jennifer Pike: “Wow. This is not the kind of thing I normally do but I really needed sleep and was willing to try anything. I am so glad I did as I am now sleeping well….”

Sleep Now!: Self Hypnosis Meditation. Get to Sleep in Under 14 Minutes! is available for around $3 on iTunes and Amazon’s Audible (free for those who are new to Audible.)


About the Author

A Certified Hypnotherapist from The Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI), Sandy Ames, C.Ht. is a graduate of The Florida State University, with degrees and honors in both Psychology and Communication. After a 30-year career in broadcasting, Ames is a well-known personality, having hosted a number of Radio and Television shows. She can currently be heard on iHeart Radio’s WLTW, 106.7 Lite fm, as the voice of Jamie Lee. Ames also offers her services as a hypnotherapist through her clinic, located on the Upper West Side of New York.

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