How Zangi is Changing the Messenger Market

Zangi messenger is changing the entire messenger market with its new-age technology. The innovative concept of Zangi platform has been created based on the philosophy of having the first decentralized messenger. To bring this idea to life, the team has developed a new architectural approach. 

Zangi is the first secure messenger to work based on a decentralized model. Basically, the serverless concept of the app makes it impossible for any third parties to have access to the users’ personal data. Unlike other messengers, Zangi does not store communication history on any servers; the entire information is only kept on the user’s device. 

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“The philosophy of a decentralized messaging app is to make it impossible for any third party to access users’ personal data. We are sure this is the future of all modern communication platforms,” said Vahram M.

By implementing the peer-to-peer technology, it will become possible for anyone to send and receive any kind of private information. But there are some downsides for those who are used to keeping their private files in a cloud.

“We realize that the decentralized concept is not convenient for some people who prefer to have their messages, photos and other important information kept on the cloud,” said Vahram M. “That’s why we already have a new solution to the this. For instance, our next step is to offer our users to create their personal cloud on their own devices. Once you take a photo with your phone, you can save it on any other personal device.”

Talking about other main advantages of Zangi messenger, some of the unique protocols should be mentioned. The revolutionary Streaming Control Protocol (SCP) has been developed from scratch making it real to organize a real-time communication with the lowest utility bandwidth.

The SC protocol lets the users make smooth audio or video calls with 2G or satellite Internet connection. The protocol has increased the accessibility of Zangi services regardless of the place and the Internet connection quality. Thanks to the SC protocol, in the places where other messengers can not ensure voice calls, Zangi Safe Messenger is aiming to provide uninterrupted calls.

The “Low Data Usage” mode can be manually switched on before using Zangi services. Roughly counting, it consumes recordly low, several times less mobile data if you compare it with other messaging apps. Before Zangi appeared in the market, WhatsApp was the leader due to its “Low Data Usage” mode. Now the picture has drastically changed since Zangi messenger has surpassed WhatsApp.

As the CEO and founder of the company Vahram M. mentioned: “SC protocol is not the only innovative technology from our team. While the protocol made it possible to consume the least mobile data, we haven’t unleashed our entire potential yet. We have created the first safe messaging app in the world which already has produced outstanding results”.

Zangi seems to not be stopping on these accomplishments and it is coming up with new ideas to change the industry and transform the way people communicate via secure messengers.

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