Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi Established China Inbound Tourism Hubs Cooperation Mechanism to Facilitate the Rapid Development of China Inbound Tourism

Global Press Conference for the Establishment of Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi China Inbound Tourism Hubs was successfully held in the ancient capital Xi’an on 19th July. Initiated by the Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission and organized by Ctrip, the press conference was jointly hosted by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration and the Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission.


At the conference, Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi tourism authorities s signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi China Inbound Tourism Hubs, and established the Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi Inbound Tourism Joint Conference Institution for the three regions which will take turns to host the conference every year to report their inbound tourism development, exchange experience and contribute to inbound tourism development. Meanwhile, the authorities will work with the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as Ctrip, powerful inbound travel companies and travel agencies to jointly craft Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi China Inbound Tourism Hubs travel products and routes targeted at different markets. A special-purpose fund will be launched to organize joint marketing and promotion events abroad, thus strengthening the brand and image of the Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi China Inbound Tourism Hubs. Leveraging big data evaluation and advancing sustainable and healthy market development, cooperation and communication can be enhanced among travel companies, travel agencies and OTAs to promote tourism brand competitiveness consistently in the three regions. In addition, tourism authorities and travel industry representatives from the regions have jointly released “Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi China High-quality Inbound Tourism Xi’an Declaration”.

Inbound tourism which the Ministry of Culture and Tourism attaches great significance to is a main driver and core component of China tourism industry. When it comes to “Tell the Chinese Stories, Spread the Chinese Culture and Showcase the Wonders of China”, it is critical to boost China inbound tourism development and create international tourism brands. As for Shaanxi, a major travel province, inbound tourism plays a vital role in the hub economy, gateway economy and flowable economy development, as well as international first-class cultural and tourism center and international tourism hub construction.

In possession of a great number of world-class travel products, Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi are the preferred inbound tourism destinations in China. The tourism routes are composed of their special tourism products, which are classic and well-known in the international tourism market. With the most Chinese characteristics, the routes are regarded as barometers of China inbound tourism development. When the Xi’an Silk Road International Tourism Expo 2018 was held in April, Mr Gao Zhongyin, the Director of the Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission met with directors of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development and the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration. He proposed regional cooperation among Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi, the top three influential regions for China inbound tourism, to power substantial inbound tourism in the three regions and all other parts of China. Receiving warm responses from the tourism commissions and their directors, the proposal gained support from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and advanced steadily.

China inbound tourism has made remarkable progress after 40-year development. In 2017, the number of national inbound tourists reached 139 million, which marked that the industry proceeded to a new phase of rebound and overall increase. In the “New Normal”, Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi seized the momentum to establish the first China cooperation mechanism with the subject of inbound tourism. Leveraging big data and big PV, Ctrip Destination Marketing will also integrate inbound tourism resources organically, partner with different regions and facilitate complementarity. The partnership between governments and the enterprise will definitely fuel inbound tourism and tourism industries in the three regions, which will become an essential driver for China inbound tourism development.

The establishment of Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi China Inbound Tourism Hubs Cooperation Mechanism formulates a brand-new situation in which Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi governments jointly power the industry, while tourism administrations, travel agencies, scenic spots, restaurants and OTAs achieve the close cooperation, co-establishment and sharing relationship. It is of positive significance for the tourism supply-side structural reform deepening and proactive construction of a diverse, characterized and market-oriented China inbound tourism product system. Furthermore, it will undoubtedly help build the inbound tourism image of “Wonders of China” and drive the rapid development and prosperity of the inbound tourism market of the three regions, and even the whole China.

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