2018 Relaunch of DashboardCamReviews.co.uk Website: now providing information and reviews on the UK’s best dashboard cam makes and models

The best information on dashboard cams for UK residents. Makes, models, features, benefits, reviews and more!
After a brief hiatus, the dashboardcamreviews.co.uk website is being relaunched in order to provide drivers with timely, accurate information regarding the various dashboard brands, makes, models and configurations of this highly sought after vehicle accessory.

Use of Dashboard Cameras is on the Rise

With the number of insurance fraud cases and road rage incidents skyrocketing in recent years the dashboard camera has become a vital tool in ensuring scammers are held accountable for their nefarious activities. This simple recording device has proven an invaluable ally in the search for truth that enables police, prosecutors and insurance companies to cut through the claims and counterclaims and see for themselves what really happened during a given incident and to assign liability or culpability.

On Relaunching Dashcamreviews.co.uk

Relaunching the Dashboard Cam Reviews UK website will once again provide a source of concise, actionable information about dashcams for concerned drivers and their loved ones. Information that could help sort out the truth about a particular incident so that those attempting to victimize others are not allowed to succeed.

The rise in road rage incidents is a particularly troublesome phenomenon, which, until recently, existed mainly as a series of barely believable tales conveyed to law enforcement by aggrieved drivers. The dashboard camera has been able, for the first time, to detail these often horrifying incidents and bring them to the attention of the relevant authorities so that appropriate steps can be taken to bring violent perpetrators to justice.

But road rage isn’t the only aggregable crime dashboard cams can capture. Models typically come with a “parking mode” whereby the camera will record thieves or other damages caused to your vehicle even when you’re not around to witness them happening.

About Dashcamreviews.co.uk

Dashcamreviews.co.uk came to be after its founder was victimized by an alleged insurance scam perpetrated by another driver. The impetus behind the site was to provide useful information about the various types of dashcams out there and to promote their use so that others who found themselves in similar situations would be able to adequately protect themselves, their rights and their financial integrity.

Today, after a short hiatus to update and refurbish the site, dashboardcamreviews.co.uk is being relaunched with a plethora of new information that will enable drivers to make informed choices about which type of dashboard camera is right for them.

The new website will be more than just a dry litany of products. It will provide a wealth of information through its blog that helps establish context for a range of related subjects and to provide answers to some of the most common questions UK drivers have about these devices. It is hoped this information will help turn the tide on the rising number of attempted insurance scams and help protect innocent drivers from the unfettered rage of those who use the roadways as an outlet for their aggression.

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