Developing Cube Chain – exclusive mining equipment, Cube Chain miner, Q10

The new breed of blockchain technology, South Korean based Cube Chain developer Cube system (CEO Dong-Oh Kim) announced that they are in the works of developing Cube Chain – exclusive mining equipment, Cube Chain miner, Q10.

In lieu of unveiling Cube Chain exclusive mining software, they will soon be launching the mining equipment. Cube Chain exclusive Miner Q10 connects to the mining network and maintains the balance of the mining amount from all the devices within that same network, to maintain the balance on the amount of mining. It has been designed to secure fairness in mining.

CEO from Cube System stated that the efforts are founded on preventing price hikes and waste of electricity, which are the aftermath of the unmethodical mining utilizing conventional ASIC type mining equipment withal maintaining a fair mining process with pre-adjustments of prices that could plummet from the fierce and infinite mining competition. This, in turn, will enable an equitable mining process. Additionally, the release date for the previously mentioned mining software along with the exclusive mining equipment will be re-scheduled. Cube Chain exclusive mining equipment, Q10 will be offered in two types. The 10 GHash class USB Stick for desktop, and the 1 TB class cluster type. For the USB type, a cradle that could operate up to ten of them simultaneously will be later released. The USB model will come with a mounted ASIC exclusive chipset, that when plugged into a computer, will show off a performance power equaling to 10 GHash/s, and when used with the separate cradles, it can handle up to ten of them, all at the same time. When the cradle is used, the performance power can be maximized up to 100 GHash/s. The cluster is an item that comes with a mounting of 100 ASIC chipsets, with 1 THash/s hash power, enough to operate Cube Chain for mining.

Q10 will sell at 100 $USD per unit, with an estimated 6 months of BEP, aiming at a distribution of 10 million units (10 GHash units) around the world. The kick-off sale of six months will mark the beginning, with plans to apply the variable treatment on the BEP for adjustment.

Therefore, Cube Chain, with its Main net’s operation and its upcoming software and exclusive mining equipment release, is taking a few more steps forward as a coin-based platform technology this year. 

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