ZexaBox: The Decentralized Private Cloud System

The next generation Internet: where you control your personal data and choose how your applications work with the encrypted and distributed storage

Hong Kong, China – The global predominance of large centralized cloud storage services such as those offered by Google Drive, DropBox and iCloud is about to be challenged by ZexaBox, a private distributed cloud system device that is being pre-launched through crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Aimed at allowing individuals, families, teams of project developers and small business owners to enjoy the secure, convenient and most advanced features that this far have only been reserved for governments and large organizations, ZexaBox is developed by a cloud storage business that wants to democratize this advanced technology.

“ZexaBox is designed to help people and small businesses take the control back from the middlemen of their stored digital content. It is an distributed Network-Attached Storage device that allows its users to enjoy an affordable and extremely safe, efficient and automatic way of securely storing and keeping connected the data that they keep on their devices, such as phones, tablets, computers and external hard drives, as well as on the large centralized cloud storage services that come with a lot of costs, limitations, and risks”, stated Vincent, owner of the ZexaBox crowdfunding campaign.  

Being a Plug & Play device, ZexaBox works seamlessly, requiring no technological expertise. It allows data to be viewed, shared and used whether the users are online or offline, allowing both individuals and small private trusted networks of individuals to keep their data from being lost, while being conveniently accessible from anywhere, at any time.

“ZexaBox has also been designed with security purposes in mind”, Vincent said, adding that “the device allows people to directly record from IP cameras to their private cloud system, supporting real-time play and storage.” ZexaBox allows users to manage footages recorded by security cameras from 48 brands and over 10,000 models in one App.

“For maximum convenience of our users, ZexaBox will also have an app through which people will be able to upload and download data as fast as their bandwidth allows them to”, Tom, the core developer of ZexaBox further detailed. The app will also be equipped with a face-to-face device passthrough to send and receive files.

“We will make the ZexaBox Point available, which will be the point that we will allow our users to get access to”, Tom declared. The creators of ZexaBox explain that the company wants to incentivize users to share their computer’s spare capacity while being rewarded with ZexaBox Diamond. This point will not entail any mining or developing activity so it is designed to simply allow its users to earn points and redeem them for computer accessories, Apps, gadgets and other ZexaBox’s services.

For more information, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/792723902/zexabox-the-decentralized-private-cloud-system or contact us at marketing@zexabox.com

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