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“Create a custom blockchain with ChainZilla”

Why Should you Care?

The recent boom of financial technologies related to the use of blockchain has increased in the past years. Blockchain technology is poised to affect a myriad of industries including the financial, real estate, social media, healthcare, and cybersecurity. However, there are very few projects working on streamlining the deployment of blockchains, apps, and p2p tech.

Exuberance, Promises, and Vaporware

Most blockchain projects are still young. When utilizing them, and particularly before investing in them, do your research: read the project website, social media posts, ask questions on their public forums, and understand what they are trying to accomplish. Just like with any new industry, there are hoax projects and scammers, but the diamonds of the industry are revolutionizing the world. For those who are looking to challenge the status quo, blockchain technology represents a powerful force, just waiting for you to exploit it. In our opinion, some of those projects include Bitcoin, Komodo, Ethereum, Iota, Nem, and Qtum.

Why blockchain makes business sense

Blockchain is the technology that underpins the cryptocurrency Bitcoin – but its applications are far more diverse. You can:

• Raise funds in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Zcash (ZEC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) via ICOs

• Create your own custom token on Komodo, Ethereum, NEM or Qtum

• Integrate cryptocurrency payment options into your website, apps – or physical store

• Automate tasks via smart contracts (think: logistics, accounting, licensing and more)

• Be assured of robust security against cyber attacks

• Be in control of your own data: track how and where your information is used

‘We don’t follow the competition. We show them how it’s done.’
– Charles Gonzales, Founder, and CEO of ChainZilla

About ChainZilla

ChainZilla are pioneers in the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) revolution. Our vision is to become the standard in bespoke blockchain solutions and app development. How? By expanding upon the foundations built by projects like Komodo, NEM, Qtum, and Ethereum. And by designing and executing the most intuitive blockchain services on the market. Founder and CEO, Charles Gonzales, has a well-established and proven reputation in this space – and in-depth knowledge of just about every tech out there.

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