The Pretty Normal Life Of A Meth User Depicted In American Survey

Remember when a leading academic suggested the meth epidemic in the UK and Europe was because the famous TV shows ‘Breaking Bad’? Considering Canadians rate the show as second in top 10 binge viewed series on Netflix where 26% of respondents reported watching five episodes or more in one go, many would be inclined to blame the problem on that too. On a more serious note, the impact of meth is shattering and in many users it’s hard to suspect something. It’s a powerful drug that gets the body desperately craving for more very quickly. Just imagine it causes approximately twelve times more dopamine release than food or sex do. That’s a lot for a body to take in one go.

An American survey by Take 5 Media Group for looked at people who use meth. In the U.S. alone over 13 million people have tried it at least once while in Canada numbers are increasing steadily especially among youngsters. Methamphetamine is a dangerous drug and there is a very high chance to trying it just once will make you want more.

Dangerously enough, meth is considered a ‘drug you can live with’. This does not mean it will not lead to irreparable consequences and even fatalities, it simply means users are able to hide it better. The survey revealed that a meth user leads a pretty normal life with the average time of waking up being just after 8 am following an average 9-hour sleep a night.

More than half of respondents (66%) said they are breakfast eaters and their preferred meal is eggs. Almost 80% of them have a job and the most common industry is engineering. The survey also revealed the fact that almost 57% use meth at work and spend an average of $35 a day for their fix.

Addiction is hard and complex. Meth addiction is even more stigmatized and makes it harder for people to ask for help. That’s exactly why they feel the need to blend in and hide their hurdles instead of reaching out. In such hard times, caring support is needed.

Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada recognizes the need for more awareness around meth addiction and its hidden face and their specialists work hard every day to make users feel better. Many people turn away at the thought of a rehab center because of the misconceptions around it. Thousands Islands Canada wanted to make sure every single person receives 100% support and they strive to ensure everyone can still enjoy the little pleasures of life, such as boating, docking, golfing or driving.

Addiction should never be a battle carried out alone, that’s why help is a click away.

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