2018 Michelin Survey Reveals Canadians Don’t Know When to Change Their Tires

Many people are not car experts or have a mechanical head, despite being on the roads regularly. For many drivers, their worst nightmare would be getting stranded on a deserted road with a flat tire. However, tire performance means much more than a getting a flat, the problems are numerous and often it’s difficult to identify the issue.

A 2018 Michelin study revealed that as many as 90% of Canadian drivers don’t know what to look for when checking the condition of their tires, and their go to move is to think new tires perform better than worn ones. And one would think so but it’s not always the case: having new tires does not automatically mean they’ll perform better on the road or they’ll keep on performing after they’re used. Because the majority fail to recognize when their tires need replacing they are doing it too soon or too often.

The study stresses the importance of making worn tire tests available and accessible for drivers. This is not only important for their own safety and pockets, but also for the environment. About $25 billion are wasted on new tires that also contribute to 400 million wasted tires a year worldwide. Until such a worn tire test will be put in place, drivers can safely rely on tire repair and maintenance services, such as the ones provided by Autobahn Tires. Not everyone will always able to accurately evaluate the condition of tires, but a specialist will surely make it happen.

At the moment, the standard in testing tires is wet-breaking performance. Drivers value breaking distance as an indicator of safety. However, how new tires react to this test can change drastically over time, making people more prone to purchase based on an aspect that becomes more irrelevant as they use the tires.

In their study, Michelin led a series of internal tests to compare braking distances among new and worn tires to demonstrate exactly this. The results were astonishing with some worn tires delivering better results than some new ones by a 78-foot stopping difference. This should make every driver think twice before making an unnecessary purchase.

Another recent study also pointed out that as many as 96% of Canadians believe proper tire inflation is crucial, but just 30% checked their tire pressures at least once a month and out of those who do, and 22% say they assess the condition simply by sight. Now, many of the issues are not visible right away, even a broken tire can seem perfectly fine. And if it’s not all for the safety of the driver and his passengers, it should also be aboutsavings: properly inflated tires can saveas much as 3% on fuel.

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