Starring the controversial Chinese-American actress Bai Ling, ‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’ will be her first Chinese feature since her 20-year exile for openly criticizing Chinese government officials.

Los Angeles, CA – July 18, 2018 – Last month, TriCoast Worldwide CEOs were awarded Cultural Ambassadors of Guangzhou in the New Era in China and now will bring director Tan Bing’s murder-mystery thriller, ‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’ overseas for its U.S. release this month, announced Asian Movie Pulse exclusively.

TriCoast Worldwide launched the global success for Tan Bing’s Chinese murder-mystery thriller, ‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’ (aka Zhing Ming He Yue) at 2018 Berlinale, gaining the exclusive headline, “Bai Ling To Star In First Feature In China in Over 20 Years – Berlin” by Deadline, which captivated and intrigued those worldwide about its controversial Chinese-American star, Bai Ling, and her return to Chinese cinema.

‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’ is an audience grabbing, dangerous and thrilling adventure that follows a young policeman and local bartender (Bai Ling) on their discovery of a local painter’s mangled body found inside a bathtub. Enthralled by the mysterious murder and desire to solve the crime, they get caught in the midst of a dangerous police investigation that is deeply rooted with secrets, scandals and sudden plot twists. At 2018 Berlinale, MailOnline’s Tracy You exclusively interviewed Bai Ling as she disclosed her role within the film as one who “brought passion, fire, love and the feeling of romance into man’s life”. 

Ling has become one of the worlds most diverse and captivating actresses for her work with prestigious filmmakers, including Oliver Stone (‘Nixon’), Spike Lee (‘She Hates Me’), George Lucas (‘Star Wars III’); and was featured in hit TV series like Lost and Entourage. Despite her exile for openly criticizing Chinese government officials, she has received several accolades including the prestigious Breakthrough Performance Award from the National Board of Review and the Spirit Diversity Award by The Hollywood Motion Picture Association. “Director Tan Bing says that it was a ‘dream’ to work with Bai Ling. However, he said he wasn’t worried about her controversial past. ‘There was a moment when she caused a controversy, but that was long time ago. It is wide open in China now, and she has done many movies in China. Her talent has been well recognized and accepted by Chinese and international audiences’,” wrote Deadline.

In the a second feature, Deadline revealed Director Tan Bing’s inspiration behind murder-mystery, citing Bing, “I happened to know a painter a couple of years ago. This guy got famous by drawing dead people. I was inspired by his story and had the urge to do this.  After years of preparation, I finally made a film, which describes a painter, who had to make a choice between life and death, drew himself and his lover into deep waters.” ‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’ was also featured in “Hot 2018 Berlin Titles: What Buyers Are Buzzing About At The EFM”.

Produced by Jiang Xiao Yu and in association with Shandong Cienyuan Culture Media Company, TriCoast Worldwide will debut ‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’ on U.S. online video platforms beginning July 30th. Watch the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/240219225. For press inquiries and exclusive interviews, please contact jenna@tricoast.com

Next to Bai Ling’s (‘Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow’) daring performance, ‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’ stars a talented cast including Xuan Miao (‘China Salesman’), Tao Hong (‘Death Dowry’) and Zhao Yan Guo Zhang (‘The Emperor and The Assassin’). TriCoast Worldwide CEOs Strathford Hamilton and Marcy Levitas Hamilton have continued their new initiative to push and represent Chinese films in the west as they were both awarded Cultural Ambassadors of Guangzhou in the New Era in China on poverty alleviation day (June 30th) for Zheng Hua’s inspiring biopic ‘EVERYDAY HERO’ U.S. release this August.  

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THE FATAL CONTRACT (2018) Directed by Tan Bing. Produced by: Jiang Xiao Yu. In association with: Shandong Cienyuan Culture Media Company. China, Chinese, English subtitles. TriCoast Worldwide.

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