58 Year Old Former Radio DJ Parody Singer / Songwriter To Release Original Emotional Breakup Song Trying To Win Back Childhood Crush He Lost

Real life breakup hurt inspires heartfelt original song to try and win her back

Richmond, Virginia – July 18, 2018 –His parody songs have played on thousands of radio stations around the world spanning over three decades. Now, 58 year old former Radio DJ, ‘Jonny Ozone’ tries to win back his childhood crush – who he reconnected with again after 43 years – by writing and singing a ‘real’ song for her about the heartache of losing her. Anyone who has lost a love before can relate.

“It was a fantasy come true!” says Ozone of rekindling his crush after 4 decades apart. ”Our song, was John Legend’s, “All of Me”. We lasted almost 5 years, but I didn’t get to spend as much time with her as I wanted or should until recently, so she fell in love with someone else.” Ozone says she “came back after I played the song for her, and life was great… for about two weeks, before going back to the other guy. I blew it.” Now, Ozone wants to get the song and video out everywhere to try and win her back. “I wrote it as therapy to help me move on, but, if somehow, enough people like the song and story, who knows? Pretty impossible, but stranger things have happened.”

‘Baby (You Were My Fantasy)’  Original Song Drops Soon by G-Pa Ozone

As his first original song is released, Ozone is going by “G-Pa Ozone”. As he says it, “Basically, I’m Grandpa age, so I gotta be real! Are ya kiddin’ me? If somebody told me that at 58, I’d get hurt bad enough to write and sing THIS, I’d have laughed in their face!” The song is currently getting internet radio play, and it will be released on iTunes and Google Play in the coming days.

‘Baby (You Were My Fantasy)’ Released 9 am EDT July 27, 2018

Click for Youtube Video | Available Soon on iTunes – Click Here | Soon on Google Play

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