The Hurricane Season is in full swing with Saint Sapphire

““Hurricane” is an infectious if slightly unsophisticated stomp of a song that threatens to leave you singing its chorus for hours afterwards.”
Hurricanes have a reputation of leaving chaos and disaster trailing in their wake but this is more of a musical variety of that chaos. With Saint Sapphire’s latest single entitled “Hurricane” you’re left reeling after an aural assault of drums, screaming choruses and loud guitars.

Saint Sapphire are a four piece Rock and Roll Band haling all the way from Belfast, Northern Ireland, a standard format and comprise guitar, bass and drums so says the Press Release. What it doesn’t say is that their latest (self released) single, “Hurricane” is an infectious if slightly unsophisticated stomp of a song that threatens to leave you singing its chorus for hours afterwards.

On the surface, fairly standard fare in terms of composition of the band but the music indicates much more. For a band born out of bombs, bullets and burning barricades, Saint Sapphire trample all over previous perceptions of Irish Music with glee.

Irish music has in the past (with the odd exception of course) had a tradition of being fairly depressing fare, being often a tale of death, famine and families torn apart by religious divide but this is different. With not a wisp of a fiddle, flute or pipe in sight, this is not the music of the past but a glorious vision of the future full of youthful hope and ambition.

Yet the song does have a dark underbelly alluding to the present political paralysis that sadly seems to exist in the Northern Ireland of today but if the future lies with these boys then there is always a chance.

The video accompanying the song is not a big budget number but therein lays the charm of the band, what you see is what you get. Not the threatening heavy urban beat of drugs, bling and clubs rather a cheerful acceptance that life is too short, grab it while you can and worry about it afterwards.

Its guitar based rock with a melody that creeps inside your head and threatens to leave your eyes and ears bleeding afterwards from the result and is a breath of fresh air music wise.

If you took The Who, The Clash, Billy Idol, Guns N Roses and U2 and threw them together, it would probably sound something like Saint Sapphire.

With an evolving style more reminiscent of transatlantic cousins (I’m thinking Shinedown “Amaryllis, The Trews “Hope and Ruin” and the odd touch of vintage Blackstone Cherry) Saint Sapphire add their own twist of Celtic Magic to cast spells on the listener

Their Live videos show a band that clearly enjoys what they are doing but then so does the audience apparently. Youthful, energetic, they clearly have what the youth of today wants.

People keep saying Rock and Roll is dead but not if this lot are to be believed. It’s in rude health and will be around for some time if left in the hands of these guys. Its Rock and Roll with a message and that message is, we’re here, deal with us or get out of our way.

The single is available from all the usual streaming sources and formats but sadly not vinyl. One can only hope that perhaps in the future this might be remedied

Saint Sapphire are Sam Morgan, Guitar and Vocals, Shea McAuley, Bass, Daniel Martin Guitars and Adam Walker on Drums.

I’ve not been this excited about a band for some time. Anger mixed with angst, frustration and enthusiasm in equal measures, Saint Sapphire take no prisoners.

It might not be the Hurricane season yet but when it is at least we’ll have something to sing about it afterwards.

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