Safety has a new standard: Alarmadoo arrives in the USA

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The Spain-based alarm comparison company is expanding internationally and has finally arrived on US soil. Now available nationwide, Alarmadoo compares numerous security firms and the various types of alarms that a home can have — along with the pros and cons of each option.

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Having a trustworthy source that provides unbiased information is extremely important when evaluating home security systems, and Alarmadoo is the right company for the job. Now, Americans from all around the country will have access to the top authority that Spaniards have relied on for years.

A family’s safety should always be the number one priority. Even for those living in a neighborhood that’s relatively crime-free and doesn’t suffer from high rates of burglary, residents would still be wise to install an alarm system to protect their home from other risks such as fires.

Over the years, the efficacy of alarm systems has been widely disputed, but there’s one thing that most security experts can agree on — regardless of which side of the argument they stand on — thieves will always aim for easy targets.

Even if an alarm isn’t foolproof, the mere sight of an extra layer of security can deter most burglars that are scouting neighborhoods for easy pickings.

Furthermore, while alarms can’t fully stop thieves from stealing belongings, they can greatly reduce the amount of lost property. Studies show that the average value of lost property in homes with alarm systems is $3,266 — over two grand less than the average $5,343 worth of property lost in homes without alarm systems.

A 40% reduction is certainly nothing to scoff at — especially considering that two thousand dollars is over half of the average American’s monthly salary. The bottom line is that alarms, while not a perfect solution, can minimize the amount of property that’s stolen from homes during a break in.

Some would say that a loss is a loss, regardless of dollar value. While that’s true, most people would agree that it’s better to just lose your TV rather than parting with your smartphone and laptop in addition as a result of the extra time that a thief gained by robbing a house without an alarm system.

Alarmadoo is a top choice for consumers researching the different types and providers of home alarm systems. Their website is translated into multiple languages but the English version can be found through this link —

Home security should be a concern for any homeowner. With benefits ranging from decreased insurance premiums, to deterrence and early warning, Alarmadoo contests that taking the time to find the best option for a given homeowner’s needs is a worthwhile endeavor. Their website aims to make that process an easy one for consumers, detailing the best makes, models, brands and system types to fit any situation or need.

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