Cost Effective Oxidizers for Reducing Air Quality Impacts

As science advances, the public grows more aware on industrial pollution related issues. The air quality in China and the drinking water in Flint, Michigan have made national news, while soil contamination is always a concern for builders breaking ground on a new project. As report after report relate cardiovascular and pulmonary complications to pollution levels, it becomes a matter of public safety that many businesses need to address. Not all types of pollution require the same cleaning techniques, however. So, many businesses have hired specialists, such as Intellishare Environmental, to help them choose the right tools for their volatile by-products.

Efficient machines, such as regenerative thermal oxidizers, use high temperatures to destroy the volatile compounds in order to cleanse the air from harmful pollutants. The regenerative properties of the oxidizer help keep this solution environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The oxidizer will recycle the heat from the exhaust to pre-heat the next batch of air, so attaining the high temperatures necessary for compound destruction occurs quickly and efficiently. Some companies have furthered their savings by purchasing used catalytic and thermal oxidizers for a fraction of the original price.

Although environmental impact restrictions on businesses seem strict now, many argue that it’s not enough to keep employees and nearby residents safe. Like the city of Flint, some individuals harmed by a company’s by-products may seek retribution for the damages to their health and/or home. Air pollutants tend to travel further too and can affect towns in other states. While EPA regulations are required for businesses, some take it a step further and go above and beyond the governmental regulations to keep nearby populations safe, and their own companies protected against lawsuits.

Not only is safety a concern, but marketplace trends are also forcing companies to up their environmental game. Millennials in particular are more conscious of their purchases and have shunned big name brands that produce with shady and environmentally dangerous practices. Businesses not taking precautions have noticed dips in their customer base, because the concerned are turning to more “green” and “sustainable” companies. These have become buzzwords in the marketplace, with marketing schemes relying heavily on the implications of these phrases. As consumers favor pollution-free and sustainable business models, it is wise for companies to adapt now and avoid huge losses to the customer base. Not only are businesses responsible for their own workers and surrounding towns, but also to the world as a whole so that we can all enjoy a cleaner tomorrow.

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