Shared Storage Improves Video Editing Options

Masterful videos are no longer just produced in Hollywood. Today, viewers are treated to high-quality and engaging content in their churches, on YouTube, and even with social media ads. It seems as if the competition for viewers, or even viral views, has increased the standard for what consumers are accustomed to. There are several programs on the market designed to help all sizes of businesses accomplish their creative visual media visions. However, without the storage to back it up and transfer from workstation to workstation, all of the video editor’s work could be in vain.

Shared storage for video editing allows video producers and editors to collaborate on projects in real time, so deadlines are easily met and tasks are accomplished without the lag time of uploads and downloads. No longer will project partners turn to each other in frustration over a wimpy flash drive, or groan when they see error messages such as “data location invalid”. Shared storage allows multiple workstations to access the files, while still securing the data against unwanted visitors. Most shared storage solutions, like that from Small Tree, include built-in backup systems, so users don’t have to worry about losing an entire project if something goes wrong.  

If businesses don’t think they have the power to support a shared storage system, they can look into upgrading their ethernet cards to the fastest network card their system can handle. Installing these pieces of hardware is simple, and the effects are felt immediately. With multiple workstations all connected to the ethernet card, several people can work on complicated projects together without it slowing down their computer speed. As videos continue to upgrade graphics and special effects, faster speeds and larger storage space will become essential for anybody creating visual content. For companies producing high-quality videos on a consistent basis, this upgrade is a no-brainer.

With these advancements at the video editor’s disposal, the options for graphics, special effects, and high-definition features suddenly expand. As consumers continue to withstand bombardment from video ads and witness the latest upgrades in video technology through cinema, it will become imperative for marketing groups to adapt to these standards and produce worthy content that holds the attention of their target audience. They will need all of the tools available to them in order to win those coveted views. It all starts with the most important tools of all—usable storage space, effective collaboration, and upgraded speeds.

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