Getting Ahead with an Automated Replenishment System

In today’s instant gratification world, customers seem to want answers, before their clients and staff start asking questions. High tech solutions that keep the inventory moving from the manufacturer, through distribution centers and into warehouses to replenish shelves. 

Enter a Solution 

APICS is the only name in the industry synonymous with the Association for Supply Chain Management. With four specialized programs offering certification in areas that include logistics, production and inventory management and the end to end activities in the supply chain; they are uniquely qualified to assist in streamlining supply chain management for any industry. Utilizing the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) method, staff can easily outperform the competition by increasing functionality and making the implementation of inventory improvements faster. In business time equal money, and last thing any business wants is to waste time. 

Choosing a Software that Works 

Imagine a supply chain management software that could act as a one stop shop for all the needs of an automated inventory system. A software that knows what’s in the warehouse without having to hand count every item. Efficiency could vastly improve, when orders could not only be filled, but altered from anywhere or any device. Anyone who has ever worked anyplace, where they are aware of the stock needs of their facilities, will know that it cost more than time when supplies run out. Unfortunately, most software only allows the inventory of a main facility with little to no information on outside warehouse. 

eTurns is a completely different model. By allowing distributors to virtually communicate with their client and on through to customers, it becomes possible to not only monitor but arrange delivery for lacking stock. Thereby mitigating shortages and keeping businesses fully functioning. Manufacturing Progress Can your company deliver to clients what they need before they realize they even need it? What about not waiting for the middleman to place the order? How about receiving feedback directly from businesses your plant interacts with? Within this software lies two way communication that is putting supply management on the fast track. This is especially useful when inventory is not just in a warehouse, but on service trucks, or even construction sites. This is a powerful way to manage inventory levels on the fly and replenish in a moment. 

As a manufacturer there is a prime position available to help facilities to reduce the time it takes to place and receive orders. With the use of eVMI sensors, manufacturers can remotely track inventory and know it or trends to anticipate needs. This image source tracking allows for accurate tracking of a facilities inventory and communications of supplies that are needed. 

Keeping ahead of trends one of the first steps in increasing productivity in supply chain management. The world class training of APICS can assist in acquiring the quality staff needed to implement improvements to the supply chain. Another important step is to have the best software available. With a valuable resource that connects manufacturers with distribution centers with their clients.

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