Does America Care About Small Business? The American Dream May Just Be Dead

July 19, 2018 – When small businesses start, data says 8 out of 10 businesses fail in the U.S, maybe the data should have stated- 8 out of 10 new American businesses lack support or the small business American dream may just be 80 percent dead!

All businesses that are now national businesses started from the community or just a single location just like Hass Elsaddique started his T-Shirt/ content creation business out of a 20ft shipping container in Downtown Atlanta. Creating a business with a strong social impact, Hass uses the revenue from his business to make a documentary series called EPIC America where he tells the real stories of America’s youth and helps each kid in the series have an EPIC experience.Hass has worked with celebrities like rapper TI and athletes like Rob Gronkowski to help with kids having EPIC experiences.

“I’m passionate about showing our youth that people do care about them and at the same time helping them get to the next level. Unfortunately, I have not received support from the community, not even enough support to stay in business. Sad enough, my business which is a source of support for my family and documentary may have to close up this Friday,” says Hass Elsaddique.

He says further, “I would be glad to have support come for my business, this is how I can be able to keep mydream alive to run a small business, take care of my family and tell the youth’s stories In my EPIC America documentaryseries.This is very important not just to me but any future entrepreneur or dreamer that will need the communities support and it’s also very important that our youth have a platform to tell their stories in the documentary. I ask the community to help me by purchasing aEPIC America t-shirt. We need to sell 500 t-shirts each month to stay in business.”

Hass’ story is a very clear pointer to the question, “Is The American Dream Still Working”. The American dream is more about supporting fellow American’s initiatives and ideas.This is how the nation can grow right from the community and make a positive influence not just in America but that positive energy can go all over the world.

To support Hass and become part of his success story, you can buy a shirt on his store: Epic America

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About Hass Elsaddique

Hass is an African American man who grew up in Buffalo, NY and moved to Atlanta in November 2016. He played Division 1 basketball at HBCU Bethune Cookman University and then played professionally oversees in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a year before being cut.

At a cross roads in his life Hass went back to the same impoverished streets of Buffalo that he escaped due to being an exceptional basketball player, He started to participate in selling guns which he would eventually land him in prison for 14 months. After his incarceration he completely turned his life around started designing and printing t-shirts and creatingcontent which lead him to meeting a kid with cancer named Jason Nicpon.

This kid helped Hass find his life’s purpose of telling stories like Jason’s and Hass started the documentary series EPIC America. Hass figured out the next thing was fulfilling, a mission to tell the stories that were not being told and making a positive impact in young peoples lives. This led him to his present business. Hass has three beautiful daughters.

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