Local Trade Token looking to change the cryptocurrency face with the launch of ICO

Local Trade Token to be made available to the public through initial coin offering as well as the launch of peer to peer trading platform

With the advent of information technology, the world saw an expedition in the rate of globalization, with digitized economies and companies operating in virtual spaces. The unfortunate collapse of the American giant – Lehman Brothers brought the globe to the verge of meltdown and pointed towards the need for an alternate financial system that is inclusive yet decentralized.

Blockchain was then coined in 2009, in a bid to advocate the use of decentralized distributed ledger and to provide an alternate mechanism for instant, cheap and secure payment mechanism. While it took a decade for BTC to realize its worth; the market has since evolved and continued to thrive, necessitating a platform to improve its liquidity and enhance its volume across the globe.

Local Trade is a decentralized-currency exchange for peer to peer, that covers all sorts of cryptocurrencies. Local Trade is a peer to peer trading platform that allows users to open trades with sole crypto traders and sell or buy cryptocurrencies without paying fees. The reason for the ICO is to fund development and provide the platform on multiple devices and further development.

The cost of using the service is extremely low and Local Trade Token (LT) can be used to cover any fees on the platform, ensuring that traders do not lose a single penny of their money. Local Trade is designed to provide a hassle-free and safe environment for trading compared to other platforms.

The project is being financed by private investors from Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and China. Four leading financial institutions namely Seoul Capital, Dah Shanghai Capital, ITC Brokerage, and DBB Capital LLC from the countries mentioned above have collectively raised $20 million for the project. The token metrics calculations reveal per coin price of $0.25.

In order for a market to thrive, price performance and volume generation both are essential, establishing the need for institutional money to come in. Hence, a reputed and well-functioning exchange is a killer idea in these times.

Local Trade offers security, transparency, low fees, advanced privacy (retina & touch-ID), 2FA authentication protocol, a Web and mobile-friendly interface, mobile application and one-click application. This along with a professional team backed by strong financial institutions are some of the core headlines that cement conviction on Local Trade.

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