New Job Search Tool Simplifies Finding and Securing Employment

July 19, 2018 – The prospect of looking for work can be daunting for many, however, a new job search tool promises to put an end to job seekers’ frustration. Did you hear about this job?, which was created by independent software development studio Stoic Dreams, makes discovering new job opportunities simple and straightforward, providing users with multiple available options that meet their individual criteria.

Did you hear about this job?’s expertly-crafted algorithm combs through thousands of job listings to generate highly-specified results that contain the keywords used in each search query. Users can input their job title freely, while they can further pinpoint the zip code, city or state in which they wish to find employment.

“Our goal is to create tools that help make everyday life easier,” said Mr. Erik Gassler, Founder of Stoic Dreams. “Did you hear about this job? was created after acknowledging how time-consuming job search can be, and how easy it is to miss out on exciting job opportunities – not for a lack of trying, but rather owing to the inefficiency of the available search tools. We are excited to receive feedback from Did you hear about this job? users, and hear about how it helped them secure the position of their dreams.”

Stoic Dreams is currently in the process of developing a “powerful new browser extension” which pledges to make filling out online job applications “easier and faster.” More specifically, the new Did you hear about this job? browser extension will give users the option to save their personal information and job history, so that they can auto-fill job application fields with just a few mouse clicks.

All those interested in being among the first to be notified of the Did you hear about this job? browser extension’s release are encouraged to notify Stoic Dreams through writing their email address and the names of the desktop browsers they most frequently use in the dedicated “Feedback” section on Did you hear about this job?’s website.

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