Mindstir Media author E.G. Lynn pens her powerful personal story of triumph over difficulty

Mindstir Media is pleased to announce the worldwide release of Woman With A Mission by author E.G. Lynn. The 170-page hardcover book reveals how the author’s difficult life became a learning experience and molded her into the woman she is today. When she wrote her biography, she had no idea this book was not just her story, but that of everyone who had a difficult life.

From the back cover: “Why am I here? How did I end up in this place that I call home? Is this the way that everyone lives? Question after question, but no one was going to provide the answers, especially to me a woman, and a child. I am living in a culture where it is inappropriate to ask such questions.”

“I am going to not only find a way out, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to get out of this place. I was not going to be the passive woman that everyone wanted me to be. Here I come, world. Look out, the poor little girl has something to offer, and even I didn’t know how much I had in me. Everyone will relate to Woman With a Mission.” 

Woman With A Mission is available at Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com and other fine retailers worldwide. Wholesale orders can be placed through Ingram. 

About E.G. Lynn: 

E.G. Lynn is not only a writer, but a business owner. She has been successful at every venture she has attempted. She is never happy with her successes; she is always looking for more. E.G. believes that life can be a true learning experience, if we are open to its lessons. 

E.G. Lynn is an advocate for survival, and the right to become whatever a person wants to be. They reveal many traits: flexibility, assertiveness, intelligence, distancing ability, group consciousness, and the list goes on. The most important is intelligence, and by this, she means common sense, not book smarts. Her very difficult life relied on an abundance of common sense. 

About MindStir Media:

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