SuperLightingLED Launches Programmable LED Strip Lights with Digital Full Color Lighting & Wi-Fi Remote Control Feature

With an objective of redefining the lightning of a built space, has now come up with architectural LED strip lights, which can be controlled remotely through Wi-Fi. The controller works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and allows users to change the digital full color of the LED lights at home from a remote location.

It’s like a dream come true, when someone will be able to change the color of the light in their home at a push of a button. SuperLightingLED is now providing users with this flexibility, allowing them a full control of the LED lighting at home, shop or office from a remote location. Unbelievable, but it’s true, that the company has launched full color digital LED lights, and which can be controlled remotely using the Wi-Fi technology.

According to the company spokesperson, they have introduced the SPI Arduino Controller that is the newest LED color and music controller in the market. The controller uses the Infrared, RF technology and a user can easily use it through their Android devices. The spokesperson reveals that the product has been launched to meet the customer’s demand and one can now easily decorate their house using colorful LED lights, and can change the color of the light as per their wish. One can control the dream color LED strips from a distance of 20m and more, and can add some fun, prettiness and novelty to any built space.

SuperLightingLED Launches Programmable LED Strip Lights with Digital Full Color Lighting & Wi-Fi Remote Control Feature

The spokesperson maintains that the dream color music wifi controller can work from a larger distance due to the integration of the Wi-Fi technology. The Wi-Fi enabled control system can work from a distance of up to 100m, depending upon the interfering space constraints in the area. The controlling software can be installed onto an Android phone, allowing the user to enjoy a full control of the music and the color of their digital LED light. The spokesperson states that the controller not only helps in improving the aesthetic value of a space, but also helps in saving energy. As an energy saving solution, the controller allows to shut down unnecessary lights, even from a remote location.

Wi-Fi SPI Controller Support Amazon Alexa

SuperLightingLED believes in using the advanced technology to provide customers with flexible and useful lighting solutions. The company’s WS2812B LED Strip Light is programmable full color digital light with a remote control ability. These LED strips are waterproof and are perfect for the outdoor use. The strips are available with dynamic color changing and static color modes to choose from. The silicone encased and with surface mounted devices, the LED strips are meant for tough outdoor use to withstand environmental elements. The spokesperson maintains that the strip is soft and can easily be used in a variety of outdoor applications.

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