New Technology is Changing Outdated Office Paging Systems

Work Safety and Technology 

Have you ever been in a situation where you are sitting at your desk taking care of your regular responsibilities, and an intruder comes to the door? You are by yourself, and the security team has walked off for a 10-minute break. The first thing that comes to mind is the security of everyone. With the mass shootings that have rocked out school campuses lately and so many more in the business and commercial world, there is a great need for systems that links everyone together in the chain of emergency situations. Today we call this the IoT or the Internet-of-Things. 

It is not because we have become more complicated today, but more and more human beings realize how vulnerable we are and how much more necessary it is to have communications set up on all levels across multiple areas of responsibility. Some people may ask why spend thousands of dollars on office paging systems that may never be used? 

On the other hand, the one time that paging systems can save a life in a critical situation is worth more than the thousands of dollars spent on safeguarding the lives of others. Recently parents became more and more concerned with sending their children to school since there seemed to be mentally disturbed citizens walking the streets with deranged thoughts that could harm so many people without a moment’s notice. 
The terrorist attacks in Paris, the incident at St Augustine High School in Florida, the more recent event at the Arlington Post Newspaper. These are all alarming and real situations that given the right circumstances could be the cause of it happening anywhere. The good news is that when people are prepared for the worst, we do not allow fear and anxiety to run our lives. You can try these out by contacting these companies for a free demonstration.

High-Tech Companies 

Singlewire is a high-tech company that make office paging systems. There are also trade organizations, like the Business Technology Association (BTA), which organize meetings, seminars and white papers designed to keep technology companies at the forefront of disseminating helpful information. 

How Important is Tech 

The use of technology in the area of mass communications between office and client, office and employee, is vitally important. No matter which way you think about having an efficient communications system for emergency systems, as mentioned earlier, it is one of those necessary precautions businesses have to have to reduce the negative consequences any company is vulnerable to in its regular operation. It is like having metal detectors set up in warehouses or airports. On the other hand, not every use of paging systems is going to be for emergencies, since paging systems that are linked to every kind of internal and external speaker, every mobile and internet outlet and across cellular and landline make it possible to safeguard every person from coming into harm’s way should it happen. Technology has a place in our society today because we see how valuable it can be to make our lives better and safer.

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