Stonerszone updated their list of vaporizers

Jul 20, 2018 – At the press meet held today at a popular 5-star hotel in the city, the spokesperson for Stonerszone said that they have released the updated list of herb vaporizers to help the medical marijuana users choose a best one wisely.

The spokesperson for Stonerszone also added that their updated list features top 3 dry herb vaporizers with a portable design to help the weed lovers use it even while on the move and top 3 dry herb vaporizers with a compact desktop design for using medical marijuana and weed easily. According to the website link at, people use medical marijuana for different purposes, such as to derive pleasure or to overcome the pain associated with their medical condition. However, some do not prefer to smoke these herbs but can enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana for their medical conditions with the help of an herb vaporizer. Even though there are numerous ways available for stoners to enjoy the weed, such as hash, dabbing, investing in a bong or smoking a joint, these ways are not advisable, as the smoke is pushed to the lungs of the individuals and can lead to several breathing disorders. This is why weed lovers and medical marijuana users should invest in a perfect dry herb vaporizer to stay free from the worry of smoke congestion in lungs.

According to the website of Stonerszone, the basic similarity between smoking weed and vaping is that while smoking the weed plant gets burned and releases the psychoactive ingredients like THC. While vaping, on the other hand, heats up the herb at the right temperature to ensure it doesn’t activate the psychoactive ingredients present in it. Most of the vaporizers are designed to heat up the cannabis at the temperature of 375 degrees F to prevent the plant from burning and to restrict the release of the harmful chemical components.

The updated list of top 3 portable dry herb vaporizers for weed by Stonerszone has the Pax 3 in the first place. This smart vaporizer can be connected with smartphones and has several functions that let the users set the mode, customize UI or lock with the help of an app. The next powerful vaporizer on the list is the Mighty Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel with a cordless design and long lasting battery life of up to 90 minutes. The Da Vinci IQ grabs the 3rd place and comes with app connectivity feature and Boost mode to vape quickly. The list of top 3 Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizers for Weed/Marijuana comprises of the products like Volcano Vaporizer, Arizer Extreme Q and The Herbalizer with features like precise temperature controls, attachments, advanced heating system, superior vaping quality and so on. The site of Stonerszone also mentions the pros and cons of each vaping machine to help the buyers make a well informed buying decision.

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The website of Stonerszone is a popular online resource that offers complete information about the best vaping systems available in the market to help both weed lovers and medical marijuana users find the best one within their budget. They have now added the updated list of top 3 portable dry herb vaporizers for weed and the list of top 3 Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizers for Weed/Marijuana.

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