ICO Academy releases a new YouTube Channel

MiRAK, a Norway-based ICO launch and marketing agency has released a new YouTube channel to provide information to the ICO industry.

The new channel is focused on educating the crypto industry community with short and instructional videos.

The videos address all topics of the ICO process.

The channel covers many sides of the ICO world, with short and instructive videos. The lectures are mostly done by Dr Karim, CEO at MiRAK. 

The main purpose of the channel is to provide ICO news updates, and and educational vidoes to the crypto community.

A visit to the channel at  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1qlkgPgP1b4RR1-Jqy-jSA will show a lot of intersting videos.

There is also some interviews with ICO founders and rellated site reveiws. 

Some of the topics covered by the videos on the channel are:

– Hedge funds and how to get them. 

– Fundraing tecniques.

– Marketing strategies of ICOs.

– Token sales strategies.

– Spotting ICO scams.

– Submitting the ICO to trackign sites.

– Separate videos for all elements of the ICO such as White Paper, landing page, sales deck, etc.


ICO landscape is getting more popular and driversted as time elapse. This channel is trying to bring the news, analysis, insights and keep you up to date with what is happening in the Blockchain, ICO, token sales and crowdfunding worlds. 

Wether you are an ICO founder, a team member, aan advisor or a token buyer, you will find a lot of useful information that will help you take educated decisions.

The channel has been very popular since it was released and some of the most popular videos are geting rhousands of views by the crypto community.

Media Contact
Company Name: MiRAK
Contact Person: Dr Karim
Email: Send Email
Phone: +4792126000
Country: Norway
Website: mirak.no