Check out this Korean made drip bag coffee filter “The Fedora Coffee Filter”

CoffeeNDo, developed a product to compliment the disadvantages from the existent coffee drip bag filters, the fedora coffee filter where the purpose is set at producing the catalyst to create the Korean Coffee Wave Culture. The Drip bag coffee market is cementing its presence not only here in Korea but also in China, Japan etc, most of the Asian Continent as well as spreading around Europe. The drip bag coffee filters at your fingertips are mostly manufactured in Japan or Taiwan.

The existent standard ones are undeniably convenient yet fails to deliver the genuine taste of coffee from its brewing method. There are instances where the coffee and the filter, sink deep into the cup altogether from the weak grasping force onto the cup. “Isn’t there a way to create such a coffee filter that could maintain the taste of coffee and it’s strong enough?” He asked himself, paving the road for Mr. Jung Lee, CEO of CoffeeNDo, to develop The Fedora Coffee Filter. After finalizing the design stage he realized how it resembled the shape of a fedora hat but backward which led to naming the product after it. 

One method of coffee brewing that can preserve the deep taste of coffee is the flannel coffee brewing, which makes it not surprising at all how it’d been labeled the king of coffee filtration but it hasn’t been able to become a standard item for the inconveniences of use that it presents. The fedora coffee filter is the hybrid of both the flannel brewing design and disposable cup, carrying the best features from both worlds. 

This coffee filter comes with a sturdy grip on to the cup, successfully taking on from the smallest of cups to mug cups. It is able to maintain stability and outstanding usability from its lid. After brewing the coffee its can be kept with the lid on inside the refrigerator to act as a deodorizer. It also enables imprinting for business logos or images for promotion. 

The CoffeeNDo proudly states:”Anyone using the fedora coffee filter will be able to brew real tasty coffee rapidly and easily”. Coming September, the brand has plans to infiltrate the US and European market by launching its custom made for 25g big cups. 

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