What’s In A Kiss? Pretty Lips Are What More Canadians Are Looking For

The kiss. Such a simple gesture that says so much. From the kiss of a mother to a child, to the romantic first kiss of lovers to be.  There really is nothing more intimate than a kiss.

And according to latest figures, pretty lips are becoming increasingly popular as beautiful breasts. Looking back at recent cosmetic procedure statistics certain trends continue. Non-surgical procedures continue to be more popular than surgical ones, and breast augmentation is still the most popular cosmetic procedure.

There have also been some interesting shifts in popularity for certain cosmetic procedures, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the leading professional society for plastic surgeons. The ASPS collects annual survey data from its member surgeons regarding a variety of demographics regarding patients in their practices.

So how do you achieve pretty lips without going under the knife?  The latest technology is called Dermal Fillers, a simple way to give most parts of your body a bit of help.

Dermal fillers replace the body’s natural collagen, which helps fill out the skin and underlying tissue over the skeletal framework. As the body ages, it will naturally lose collagen. Dermal fillers replace that lost collagen. More than 2.6 million of these procedures were performed in 2016, which was an increase of 2 percent from the more than 2.5 million procedures in 2015. Interestingly, fat grafting, which involves using the patient’s own fat from other areas of the body to replace lost collagen, made a remarkable jump of 13 percent in just one year, from just more than 70,000 procedures to almost 80,000.

More good news shows most Canadian women feel empowered to make there own decisions about how they age, independent of outside pressure.  Although they are very/somewhat strongly influenced by spouses (52%), family (42%) and mass media (13%) when it comes to making decisions about their facial appearance, the majority (79%) want to make decisions about how they age on their own terms.  And among the 1 in 4 women who would consider using a cosmetic facial injection, they want it to be safe (89%), provide natural looking results (83%) and be long lasting (73%).

According to the recent survey which surveyed Canadian women between the ages of 35 and 65 about their facial appearance and aging, half (52%) of respondents are worried (very or somewhat) about the signs of facial aging. In fact, some of the top concerns when it comes to facial aging include sagging skin (51%) and deep wrinkles (43%).

And our intrusive camera culture, especially as a result of selfies and social media has women even more concerned about their facial appearance, with 41% of respondents citing it as a top contributor to anxiety over their aging face.  Interestingly, the majority of surveyed women only want to turn back the clock an average of 11 years, in an attempt to freeze their appearance at what they perceive to be their optimal “beautiful” age.

What’s in a kiss?  Everything.

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