Creative Biolabs Annouces Hi-Affi™ Recombinant Antibodies to Make Medical Research Successful

July 23, 2018, as a pioneer and excellent manufacturer, Creative Biolabs announced that its Hi-Affi™ recombinant antibody product is able to help researchers success in medical researches and even the preparation of pharmaceutical compounds to treat various diseases.

Recombinant antibody, made through the use of recombinant DNA technologies, can be expressed in an in vitro environment, which is different from traditional hybridoma based technologies. Hi-Affi™ recombinant antibody from Creative Biolabs is built with the following advantages:

High Purity (>98%)

• High Affinity

• Broad Applications

• Antibody Engineering Possible

• Reproducibility

• Complete condition control

• Short Production Time

• No animals required


Due to those advantages mentioned above, Hi-Affi™ recombinant antibody, produced in an animal-free system, is very popular and widely used in medical researches. Additionally, it also plays a very significant role in the preparation of pharmaceutical compounds to treat various diseases.


“Creative Biolabs is able to provide clients with high-quality Hi-Affi™ recombinant antibody (rAb). What’s more, Creative Biolabs is also developing a series of products related to recombinant antibody which is easy to manufacture and need short cycles. Proprietary procedures for Hi-Affi™ recombinant antibody production have been developed with optimized library construction and screening processes using hybridoma or phage display technology in order to guarantee clients’ success”, said a scientist from R&D of Creative Biolabs.


“Till now, Hi-Affi™ recombinant antibodies have served nearly more than 100 clients since its announcement. And well-trained scientists from Creative Biolabs are always ready to help with your projects.” Said Dr. Monika, scientific officer of Creative Biolabs.


As one of the largest suppliers of recombinant antibodies, Creative Biolabs is trying its best to make Hi-Affi™ recombinant antibody be qualified to be applied in researches.


About Creative Biolabs

With more than 200 well-experienced scientists and equipped with innovative technique platforms, Creative Biolabs is able to develop high-quality products and professional services. Creative Biolabs with over a decade of experience in the antibody field is enjoying a good fame among researchers.

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