China-hifi-audio Launches Exclusive Series Of Tube Amplifiers From Top Rated Brands At Very Reasonable Prices

New collections of tube amplifiers from top rated brands and other accessories are now available in China-Hifi-Audio online shop at affordable prices.

The reputable Chinese online, that specializes in the sales of high-quality tube amplifiers, announces the launch of a new series of technologically advanced vacuum tube power amplifiers and other accessories at low prices. This is aimed at providing global customers with high-tech audio experience and feature series of hi-fi vacuum tube amplifier, audiophile valve preamp and more selected from top rated brands such as Bewitch, Yaqin, Meixing Mingda, Line Magnetic Audio, Music Angel, Shengya, Qinpu(chpo), LITE, JungSon, Dussun, Opera, Dussun, Shanling, and others.

With the latest advancements in technology, there has been a general improvement in sound systems. The older electronics have been redesigned into more innovative systems that produce better sound and authentic full voice with less power consumption. However, these improvements have been met with an increased demand from global customers for a taste of the distinct sounds with full voice projection. Consequently, the Chinese online store,, in response to this demand for quality amplifier technology has introduced an exclusive series of tube amplifiers in their online store. These series are chosen from globally top rated manufacturers and brands. One of them is the YAQIN TUBE AMPLIFIER which are actual products of YAQIN.

China-hifi-audio Launches Exclusive Series Of Tube Amplifiers from top rated brands At Very Reasonable Prices

China-Hifi-Audio also has the latest series from the popular Bewitch brand which is designed with a wide frequency response EI output transformer to produce more warm and sweet sound with a powerful momentum. The Bewitch 6550 amplifier is incorporated with a good silicon steel sheet and an output transformer with more than 30 steps process. This makes this unique technology ideal for a perfect and exquisite audio experience. Other features include a tube auto biasing circuit, auto-mute circuit, a protective grill, a remote control, and more.

Also available in their portfolio is the Line Magnetic Audio LM Tube Amplifier series required to improve electronic audio exhibitions at home and abroad.  The series includes Audio LM-500IA, LM-219IA, Line Magnetic LM-210IA 300B tube integrated Amplifier Class A single-ended Power, Line Magnetic LM-217IA 300B Class A Single-end tube Amplifier, Line Magnetic LM-218IA 845 Tube integrated Amplifier Class A Single-ended and more.

However, online store has garnered applauds as a reliable supplier to countries such as the US, Canada, the UK, and other European countries. “We work relentlessly to ensure that our global customers get the best audio experience as we continuously corporate with trusted global manufacturers,” says one of their verified sales personnel.

Customers who want to place their order or wish to know more about the company, their products as well as other services are urged to visit their website on

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The Chinese online retail store, China-hi-fi-Audio specializes in the sales of high-quality tube amplifiers. These include LITE Audio DAC&Phono stage MM/MC, hi-fi vacuum tube integrated amplifiers, XIANGSHENG DAC preamps, vacuum tube stereo amplifier, and other high-tech electronic accessories for Interconnecting hi-fi sound equipment. The products are selected top rated brands such as Music Angel, Yaqin, Bewitch, Shengya, Mei Xing Mingda, Qinpu (chpo) and more.

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