WordPress 5.0 Leak: Major Changes Coming To The World’s Most Popular Web Software

WPTesters, a site where premium plugins and themes can be downloaded and tested, has urged e-commerce sites, bloggers, content creators, web designers and developers to prepare for the release of WordPress 5.0. Unlike previous versions, WordPress 5.0 will include visual editing facilities for creating content and posts, replacing the classic WYSIWYG editor.

WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg

Under previous versions of WordPress, users needed to have a background in HTML coding to make websites visually appealing. However, WordPress 5.0 will bring significant change in the way content and posts are created. Users will have to use Gutenberg, a new post editor that will allow them to create richer content and pages easily through the use of blocks – elements that form the content and layout of a webpage. Blocks can be made up of various content formats including text, images, plugins, and videos.

In both previous and the current version of WordPress, third-party plugins are required to use blocks, however, Gutenberg will bring that functionality into WordPress 5.0, making it easier for users to create attractive, content rich web pages.

The changes brought by WordPress 5.0 will have significant positive implications for businesses and content creators alike. For e-commerce sites, blocks and visual editing make managing homepages and building product templates easier without having to code, lowering development and maintenance costs. However, a disadvantage of the new version is that e-commerce sites are complex and not necessarily one-size-fits-all. E-commerce site will need to change the way they add and manage products and therefore time will be needed to educate and train in-house teams.

For bloggers and content creators, each headline, paragraph, image, and video will have its own individual block and can be moved around easily to make posts more visually appealing. Changes can be seen visually and save bloggers from having to constantly save and preview changes. Nevertheless, there will be a learning curve with the new user interface (UI) and some plugins and themes may not be compatible with WordPress 5.0 when it is first released. For web designers and developers, maintaining and customizing sites will become easier for their clients.

All WordPress users are advised to test the beta version of Gutenberg so as to get accustomed to changes.

Download the latest beta versions can downloaded from WPTesters at www.wptesters.org

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