NPD Introduces Squarespace Tips for Online Businesses

Many businesses are opting to focus on improving their online presence. The National Press Distributors (NPD) recently conducted studies surrounding success rates of online businesses. Their research indicated that most business operating online have their own self-run website. When a business has a website, the owners benefit heavily because an online presence allows them to reach more people.

With a website, businesses can increase their influence as they become more accessible to the world. This gives them a leg-up over strictly brick-and-mortar stores. The NPD concluded that online presences are necessary in order for a business to grow and have potential.

Though, simply having a website is not enough. Businesses must aim to create a quality website with optimized content. The NPD stresses the importance of optimizing a website because it is crucial to gaining more customers. Businesses can turn to website platforms like Squarespace to simplify the process of making an e-commerce-focused website if they don’t already know how.

According to Logic Inbound, “Squarespace is a viable site for recognition from search engines, which automatically increases your chances of ranking on SERPs [search engine results pages]. It is very rare for Google users to scroll beyond the first few options on a results page, let alone click through to the next page. The websites that appear at the top of SERPs receive the most traffic.” This indicates a need to be the highest ranking website to ensure the most viewers, made possible with well-structured content and a reliable platform like Squarespace.

The NPD’s research revealed that most people search the web through Google. Due to this finding, it is imperative that businesses rank well on Google’s SERPs. SEO strategies ensure that content is relevant and structured in compliance with Google’s algorithm.

Proper use of these strategies includes effective keyword implementation. Keywords should be related to a business and how their customers tend to search. This is important for websites no matter the platform.

A final key component of highly-ranked websites is backlinks. They show Google that more people are linked and connected to the content of a business, which in turn increases credibility for a website. Higher credibility leads to better results in searches.

The benefits of creating a website with well-made content are worth the work. The results will pay off over time. Higher credibility, recognition, an increase in viewership, and greater sales stem from optimized sites. Businesses also have the option of contacting digital companies like Logic Inbound to do all the optimization for them. SEO can become overwhelming if techniques aren’t implemented well the first time around.

The research of the NPD unveiled the vitality of enhanced websites and online businesses are recognizing the importance. Businesses can use website platforms to assist them in the process. Good content can be great content with the help of proper SEO strategies tailored to the customers. These strategies allow the website to rank better in Google searches, resulting in higher traffic and sales.

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