Logic Inbound Offers Ecommerce Site Owners a New WooCommerce SEO Guide

Logic Inbound has now provided an SEO guide to help ecommerce entrepreneurs using WooCommerce drastically improve their site traffic volume and visitor numbers with valuable tips and tools for improving SEO.

Seattle, WA – 23 July, 2018 – Regardless of the ecommerce platform a business uses, they all have one thing in common – the need for effective, results-getting SEO. The experts at Logic Inbound understand the ins and outs of SEO for any ecommerce platform, realizing that it’s as much art as science requiring a many-pronged approach. And that’s why they have produced this WooCommerce SEO Guide. WooCommerce exists on WordPress and so has “its own peculiarities when it comes to SEO.”

What WooCommerce Is

WooCommerce is simply a platform for building an ecommerce site, or online store. It launched in 2011 and is now used by more than 380,000 online retailers, making it one of the most popular ecommerce platforms. WooCommerce differs from others like Shopify and BigCommerce in that it is a WordPress plugin, which means that users need to know a little about WordPress to use it effectively. Overall, though, WooCommerce is relatively easy to use and customize and is great for those new to ecommerce. The trick, as with any site, is getting the SEO right.

SEO Basics

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the multi-faceted practice of optimizing the various parts and pieces of a website in order to show up more prominently in Google searches, ideally in the first few results on the first page. It’s importance lies in the fact that most consumers today find what they want through organic Google searches, often local searches and on mobile devices. Effective SEO, then, can vastly improve search rankings and, as a result, increase sales.

Good SEO also means using the right tools for the job, depending on specific ecommerce needs. The most commonly used SEO tools include:

  • Google Adwords

  • Google Trends

  • Google Analytics Solutions

  • Google Surveys

  • Google Content Experiments

  • Google Search Console

  • Google Alerts

Common SEO Tasks

Doing SEO well for more conversions and more sales involves several specific tasks that an SEO firm like Logic Inbound must get right and in the right place. For example:

  • Discovery – Learning about the specific business and its target customers

  • Growth Analysis – Targeting areas where the business and customer base can grow

  • Keyword Research – Researching, finding, and understanding the best keywords to deploy – the heart of an effective SEO strategy

  • Optimization for Relevance – Determining which of those keywords are most relevant for searches conducted by targeted customers

  • Authority Building – Helping businesses position themselves as trusted authorities on business-related topics

  • Reporting – Presenting the results of careful data analysis to see what is working especially well

WooCommerce SEO Specifics

SEO for WooCommerce, however, has its own peculiar needs and tasks. First is Google-centric SEO because Google is “overwhelmingly the search engine of choice for most people.” This means using strategies designed to improve Google search rankings.

Then there is WordPress SEO because simply optimizing for WooCommerce or the site in general won’t be enough. For example, “keyword research not only informs the content of articles, but also the content of the ‘snippet’ section of WordPress.”

In addition, SEO for WooCommerce involves shortcodes, a distinctive feature of WooCommerce. These shortcodes are crucial for allowing customer to specifically target what they are looking for and to present related options to them. Some important short codes are best_selling, product attributes, and related_products.

Finally, as with any sound SEO strategy, SEO for WooCommerce must have a good local search component. This would include understanding the local peculiarities in keyword usage in searches and building plenty of content relevant to the local area.

These are all areas where Logic Inbound is especially adept so as to become a true partner and asset for  results-getting WooCommerce SEO.

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