NPD Reveals New Ideas for Pinterest Users

The world is full of creative types who enjoy making art. People are creative on their own, but they often will look to outside sources for extra inspiration. These outside sources are often found on the internet. Because of this, demand is created for websites where people can share their ideas and look for new ones.

National Press Distributors (NPD) conducted research where they compared the creative productivity of people who did not use the internet for inspiration against people who used websites to spark ideas. They found that people who used websites overall produced more content and more variety in their work. Websites like Pinterest are great places to circulate ideas and find new ones that people might not have thought of on their own.

The internet offers extra potential, especially for creative people who want to sell their art and showcase their talent on an online platform. The National Press Distributors (NPD) also looked at which websites in particular are most commonly being used to find ideas.

They found that Pinterest was one of the most popular choices. Pinterest allows users to view the ideas of others and keep note of them, while also allowing them to share their own projects and ideas on creative topics.

This makes it important for Pinterest pins to contain relevant keywords and content. The overall images and quality that a Pinterest page contains directly contribute to how many viewers the Pinterest user’s content will receive. For a page to become noticed and stay successful, consistently and regularly providing top notch content is crucial.

One of the best ways to make sure content is being properly optimized is by using good SEO strategies. SEO strategies ensure content is more friendly towards Google searches. As Google is the most common used search engine, it is the highest priority for content to adhere to.

While Pinterest is a marketable platform in and of itself, the capacity exists to increase online presence through search engines linking back to the website. Running a Pinterest page increases rates of success simply because the platform is Pinterest.

SEO can be a difficult concept to understand, but there are people who specialize in applying these strategies and they offer their services to businesses. Digital marketing agencies like Logic Inbound agree that “businesses who are smart about their SEO can dramatically increase how much website traffic they see. A portion of this traffic is likely to convert into customers and sales.” Site viewership and sales have a direct relationship, making it important to try to improve views.

Online websites for people to find and share creative ideas are important for fostering creativity. For websites like Pinterest to have more success, they must consistently provide high quality content. An excellent method of increasing viewership is to implement SEO strategies so that more people can find their pins using google. If a business does not know how to do so, they can always locate digital companies and marketing agencies trained to complete this.

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