Redefining the Mining Era, ETH International Club of Mining Field Has Taken the Center Spot of Blockchain Mine Fields

Shortly after the excitement of Bitcoin’s skyrocketing and plunging, the more powerful skyrocketing momentum was quickly created by ETH. According to the latest data from the Coin market cap website, the current price of ETH is around $630 per piece. At the beginning of 2017, the price of ETH was only $7.98. To date, the price of ETH has skyrocketed by 6001%.

According to the prediction of authoritative organizations, ETH will achieve substantial growth in the future with its unlimited potential and value. James Conwell, CEO of the ETH investment platform, believes that if 2017 is a blooming year of Bitcoin, then it will be the turn of ETH in 2018.

The famous technical analyst Nicola Duke also said that the rising price of ETH has exceeded the key “resistance level” of $600, and may soon rise to $900, which is approaching the integer mark of $1,000.

The ETH International Club of Mining Field foresaw the infinite potential of ETH with a forward-looking vision, deploying an international industrial chain around ETH, and deployed ETH mine resources in more than 20 countries, which includes Singapore, the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Belarus, Canada, France, Dubai, and Switzerland, etc. Moreover, the club purchased 50,000,000 units of the world’s most advanced ETH international mining machine, aiming to build the world’s top Ethereum Ecology Club.

The ETH International Club of Mining Field(ETH) was co-sponsored by the Singapore Blockchain Alliance, and the initiator is Colin Franklin, a senior researcher at the Blockchain Innovation Institute in Singapore and a blockchain technologist. Colin Franklin is one of the main R&D personnel of ETH’s underlying technology, and has also participated in the development of Ethereum, ADA and other public chains. Colin Franklin discovered the great value of ETH when he participated in the research and development of ETH’s underlying technology. Based on the existing characteristics of ETH, Colin Franklin first presented the ETH International Club of Mining Field in 2017.

The ETH International Club of Mining Field has an extremely powerful and robust hematopoietic mechanism. Since 2017, the market value of the ETH International Club of Mining Field has reached $4.5 billion. In June 2018, Colin Franklin officially introduced the ETH International Club of Mining Field to China, which will open up new opportunities for the Chinese ETH market. In this regard, Colin Franklin, co-founder of ETH International Club of Mining Field, said that with the official landing of the ETH International Club of Mining Field, the research of mining technology is deepening, which will fully detonate the global mining boom.

In practical applications, ETH International Mines Club combines ETH Mining and ETH International Mining Machine to develop the latest, most comprehensive and deepest Ethereum service platform, enabling people of the world to enjoy the world’s top products of blockchain, giving and benefitting the advantages of the digital economy to the users of all walks of life, and let the value of Ethereum spread to all walks of life.

With the booming of blockchain mining, the strong alliance of “International Top Mining Machine + World-class Technology” has made ETH International Club of Mining Field have the potential to become the next star project, ETH International Club of Mining Field will become a pioneer in the mining field, leading forward the ecological construction of blockchain mining, and creating a global win-win model for everyone who participate in.


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