Kickstarter Staff Pick ‘Protocol E’ is a New Cyberpunk Strategy Game That Has Gesture-Based Controls.

Sydney, AU – On Oct 26th, Quantum Shade Interactive, an independent game development group, launched a Kickstarter campaign for their flagship game, ‘Protocol E.’ Having been selected as a “Kickstarter Staff Pick,” this new project pushes the barriers on real-time strategy games and combines gesture controls and tactical AI to create a thrilling cyberpunk experience.

“The game takes place in the conceptual universe within a digital battlefield. The art style is inspired by other universes in a similar setting. Tron and Darwinia are strong influences.” says Matt Arvin Villas Cabanag, the creator of the project. “Set in a cyberpunk universe, it has graphics designed by award winning artist, Tim Grant (Dystopia, Blade Symphony) and Dane Armour (Happy Feet 2, Maya the Bee Movie). Story by veteran writer, Christian Read (The Secret World, Sacred 3).”

Protocol E stands out from other real-time strategy games with it’s free-form gesture-based controls, fast paced and dynamic tactical scenarios, and standing orders system, which help automate unit management functions. The team has created playable prototypes which can be found here. 

Having won the “‘Best Game’ at Global Game Jam 2013 – Sydney,” the team decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to finance the project and involve backers in the creation of the game. In addition, the team wanted to give supporters access to exclusive rewards including a game subscription, having a 3D printed version of a Protocol E character, special edition codes, and the chance to work with the development team to create new weapons. 

In exchange for pledging to support the project, backers will gain access to the above rewards and more, including the ability to own a copy of Protocol E when it is released. The game will be available on a handful of platforms including PC, Mac, Linux and Windows 8 touch, with potential for future expansion onto Android, iOS, and the Wii U. 

The project will be live on Kickstarter until Nov 25th, during which time backers can become a part of Protocol E’s development. For more information, contact the creator below or check out the campaign here.  

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Media Contact
Company Name: Quantum Shade Interactive
Contact Person: Matt Arvin Villas Cabanag
Phone: +61 425 283 264
Country: United States