Physiotherapy Clinic Spreads Benefits of Alternative Treatments to Horsham and East Grinstead

Horsham & East Grinstead, UK – When people feel aches and pains nowadays, their first instinct is to pop some paracetamol into their mouths and wait for the pain to subside. The problem with pain relievers is that they don’t fix the source of the pain. They temporarily relieve the discomfort, meaning that the aches are not treated and will return. At ANRC Physiotherapy Clinics, patients can ditch the medication that suppresses the pain and opt for a treatment that will fix the problems they have.

ANRC Physiotherapy Clinic offers physio East Grinstead and physio Horsham for patients who are seeking treatment for disability and disease through physical methods instead of medication. The clinics boast how their one-of-a-kind centre specialises in effective treatment. Their treatments cover various musculoskeletal disorders and other issues like repetitive strain injuries. The aim of the clinic is to restore their patients’ muscles to normal and aid in relieving any discomfort. They will work to ensure that a patient is back to the normal life in no time. Their staff are trained to excel in the areas a patient needs help with using their combined knowledge.

When a patient seeks physio in Horsham or East Grinstead at an ANRC clinic, they’ll see an experienced physiotherapist. They will take a thorough look into important and relevant medical history. The therapist will also perform a physical assessment. This will determine what the clinical diagnosis of the problem is. There will be a discussion about the best plan for treatment. The patient will also receive an estimate about how long treatment will be required. To learn more about their methods, visit

In the past few years, there have been waves of interest in what alternative and natural medicine can do. Alternative medicine is a term that covers a range of therapies and treatments that have various advantages. As the name suggests, these treatments are an alternative to many modern forms of medicine. While physiotherapy is an alternative to medication, it is not a form of alternative medicine as some might be led to believe. The profession requires a degree and is covered by healthcare. Physiotherapy has been shown to treat Parkinson’s, strokes, multiple sclerosis, and many other disorders. Physiotherapy can be the perfect treatment for those suffering, but do not want or have lost hope in taking medication. Those who are looking for physio in East Grinstead or Horsham can find a solution at ANRC Physiotherapy Clinics.  

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