Next Food, Leading Producer & Distributor of International Edible Insects, Offers Benefits to Health & the Environment

Ras Al Khaima, UAE – Next Food, the leading producer and distributor of edible insects internationally, is offering people everywhere the opportunity to discover the delicious taste and proven health benefits of edible insects through its online ecommerce store.

Founder and CEO Laurent Chellapermal understands that insect consumption is not yet widely accepted in Western society.

“It’s quite natural to eat edible insects, and in many parts of the world it’s the custom. But what many people don’t realize is that they’re eating insects regularly without knowing it. Insects tend to enter the industrialized food manufacturing process all the time, so it’s likely you’ve eaten a lot more than you think!”

According to Chellapermal, there are many good reasons why people should choose to eat edible insects. As a healthy food alternative, they are high in protein and good fat, and contain high levels of calcium, iron and zinc. And the benefits to the environment are far-reaching, due to the fact that feeding insects emit considerably less greenhouse gas than livestock, and vast amounts of land aren’t a requirement.

Next Food owns and operates its own eco-friendly edible insect farm in Asia, and obtains other insects from its network of insect farmers around the world. Rigorous quality controls are in place to meet strict health standards for breeding and packaging. No chemicals are used, and the raising and drying of the insects uses no electricity.

“Having a sustainable farm means we produce the best quality edible insects,” explains Chellapermal. “And I’m proud to say that we’ve earned ourselves great reputation for quality. Our customers know they can depend on us.”

Customers can choose from a wide range of edible insects, including crickets, dried or with spices, silk worms, tarantulas, scorpions, mealworms, giant crickets, grass hoppers of various calibers, and many more. The Next Food website offers newcomers advice as to which insects to try first, along with precautions to take when eating insects.

About the Company

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in the UAE, Next Food is the number one producer and distributor in the international edible insects business. The company has developed techniques of entomo culture and cooperatives of sustainable economy in order to offer customers the finest quality edible insects.

Renowned around the world for both quality and exceptional customer service, Next Food’s wide range of ready-to-eat products are packaged and ready for export. Their most regular customers are located in Europe, the USA and Australasia, but the company can ship anywhere in the world.

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