Likalo LLC launches an easy alternative to prominent technical documentation syntax

Likalo LLC, a prominent digital technology firm based in Ontario, Canada to introduce brand new technical WYSWYG editor to rival the plethora of established ‘Markdown’ editors.

Upon official announcement by Likalo LLC, their brand new editor had gained immense popularity amongst technology savvy public. Markdown is currently one of the sought after markup language that is primarily used to format readme files. The markdown editor is also exploited to write messages in plenty of discussion forums.

A plain text editor is also used to develop vibrant text. Even though it contains inexactness and unanswered questions, majority of the implementations as well as extensions of Markdown seems to respond to these problems. Today most of the tech startups are encouraging the firms to take advantage of this markdown syntax.

Features of new Markdown Editor

The users can seamlessly develop markdown articles with the help of an editor. It consists of a simple editor that enables the users to develop software documents. When reaching the final stages, the articles can be exported in the markdown format. Work in joint collaboration with the team and manage the markdown software documents. It is extremely easy to export the markdown. The Likalo LLC offers their product to all users for free, including a complimentary CDN, Unsplash support and possibility to version and translate their documents.

The internal technical team can now seamlessly manage the software documentation in a systematic manner. In addition, the content management is now made simpler and can be executed in a quick format. The markdown editor online also synchronizes well with both import and export. Furthermore, the markdown editor is targeted towards procuring the technical documentation writer market as well. The CEO of the company Philippe Trounev stated that “our markdown editor is now available for free’. You can sign up for it on the official website of docsie. It has currently emerged as one of the top technical documentation venue across the world.”

Plain text formatting syntax

The HTML documents can now be easily created with the help of Markdown. However, there are few setbacks with respect to markdown. It comes in wide varieties of forms. The users are required to memorize each syntax to develop content upon usage of Markdown. The alterations of the Markdown syntax cannot be viewed in real time. For that one must require a third party editor. The markdown is one of the simplest and quickest versions of HTML to create content. However, it would still take a considerable amount of time to learn.

Markdown is undoubtedly one of the quicker ways to format text which is compatible on all major devices. Markdown syntax includes a range of punctuation characters. It includes asterisks signs around specific word. Take for example a word *solid*. Ultimate purpose of using a markdown is to make it extremely easy to read, write and even editing prose. It is capable of projecting problems that can be delivered in the form of a plain text.

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