New innovative Kickstarter campaign for Kozmophone gets fully funded in just 18 hours

Kozmophone is a state of the art phonograph which represents world’s first modular speaker and holographic turntable concept that assures a futuristic experience with phonograph for modern listeners.

Chicago, Illinois – July 23, 2018 – A new Kickstarter campaign is making waves all across the leading crowdfunding website of late. Titled “Kozmophone”, the campaign introduces the world’s FIRST modular speaker and holographic turntable concept which has fetched its 100% funding in just 18 hours of the launch! 

Launched in June 2018, the Kozmophone campaign was geared to raise $30,000 on Kickstarter by July 31. At present, the campaign has earned way more than its funding goal, amounting to a whopping $96,063 – which comes to over 320% of the original pledged amount.

“We are elated beyond words to see the massive support pouring in for our brainchild ‘Kozmophone’. Our supporters on Kickstarter have been really generous and thanks to them we have been able to achieve 320% of our original funding goal. Honestly, it means ‘huge’ for us. We still have more than 10 days left to reach our deadline and we are expecting to see a further rise in the numbers in the coming week”, stated Cosmin R., one of the co-founders of Arcateliers, the Chicago-based tech startup behind Kozmophone.

A classic reimagined, Kozmophone is a futuristic phonograph which represents a seamless marriage of the past and the present, accentuated by hints of the future. It celebrates the 141st anniversary of the original phonograph invented by the legendary Thomas Edison. As a tribute to the prolific inventor, Kozomophone carries the original “horn-style” speaker design which has been subtly updated with the integration of modern advanced technologies to make it more relevant to contemporary times.

“We have backed Kozmophone with all the qualities of a premium turntable to guarantee a flawless listening experience and solid protection of your vinyl discs – despite repeated and frequent plays. Thanks to its modern ‘all-integrated’ design, you won’t need to buy speakers, amplifiers or other additional gears separately as Kozmophone comes with everything needed in-built inside. Whether you are a veteran vinyl connoisseur or a first-time listener, Kozmophone assures an amazing experience for all”, explained Andrei Pantilie & Cosmin Carvaci, the other two co-founder of Arcateliers.

Kozmophone stands out with a host of state of the art features:

  • 3600 speaker rotation – Kozmophone’s revolutionary speaker assures uniform and consistent sound coverage all across the room with 360 degree rotation.
  • Hidden compartment – hidden chamber in-built inside the turntable to store cleaning kits for vinyl discs.
  • In-built RCA line out ports – Kozmophone allows users to use it as a standalone Hi-Fi turntable for their existing audio setup thanks to its built-in RCA line out ports.
  • Portable speaker – the speaker is detachable and can be carried for handy music anywhere. It can connect to any device via Bluetooth.
  • Long hours of music playback – Kozmophone assures up to 12 hours of seamless music playback.
  • Futuristic holographic display – Kozmo app carries a library of different holographic animations which users can download and play while listening to music on the turntable. 
  • Ambient lighting – Users can set ambient lightning in preferred color through Kozmo app for a visual experience while listening.
  • Wireless smartphone charging – And, the groundbreaking turntable can charge your smartphone too!

Kozmophone is available in 6 different colors and a special 18k gold edition.

Backers will be rewarded with the innovative Kozmophone at highly discounted prices.

To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter.

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