The famous Russian girl\’s band \”The Moroz Show\” in July 2018 will show the world a new album \”Become the way I want\”

With such a loud and demanding title, the famous Russian girl’s band “The Moroz Show” in July 2018 will show the world a new album! Band “The Moroz Show” was founded in 2012 by producer Yevgeny Morozov, in the beginning, it was consisted of the 18 best Russian virtuosos, playing on native Russian folk instruments, with tenor Mikhail Kotlyarov, and from 2016 happened cardinal changing in the project.

The creator of the project Yevgeny Morozov decided to change completely not only the conception of the project, but the musical direction. After 6 months of casting, three talented Russian folk-singers were invited into the project as soloists – Alexandra Gavrilova, Anna Boyko, and Alina Mironova. Despite that each singer are not more than 22 years old, they all have higher education in the subject “Russian Folk Singing” and no doubt each separately – a bright personality and an example of Russian beauty. For the creation of the new musical material, which was later given the name – Russian folk crossover, was assembled a large team of arrangers, musicians, including the famous classical composer, pianist virtuoso Semen Sonne, and poetess Olga Kulanina.

After the debut album “Russian Heart” the ensemble needed just a year to create again something completely new and unique. “About which people will talk, and most importantly will listen” – said producer Evgeny Morozov after finishing work at the studio.

The musical style in which the new album is presented is a completely new kind of folk music, and has the name folk crossover (which originated from the mixing of such genres as Russian folk singing, jazz, romance and Russian folk music).

The album consists of 11 songs, 6 of which are created by the composer Semen Sonne, and five songs are Russian folk songs, three of which are drinking songs. Also, want to note that it consists of the most popular song in the world – KATYUSHA.

As soon as the album is released, “The Moroz Show” will immediately start rehearsals for a concert tour with the same name as the album “Become Such As I Want!” Artists are serious and plan to delight their fans with a unique concert program in 30 countries of the world.

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