Voquent’s Corporate Voice Over Services in Any Dialect or Language

Audio Production Services to Help Business Communicate to their Audience in any Market

London – July 23, 2018 – Voquent is a voice actor agency that provides business with voice over services for video marketing, training and customer service. Voquent provides access to voice actors that can speak assorted dialects and languages from all over the world. When hiring a professional voice artist on Voquent.com, it is important to know that a voice can be hired not only for the language spoken, but also narrowed further to a specific regional dialect.

The corporate voice over services offered by Voquent help any business, large or small, to source voice actors with regional accents and record voice over for projects that can be utilized for many marketing, training or entertainment purposes. Video is the most popular use of voice over. Animated explainers for websites, and promos for Instagram and Twitter often use localized voice over.  Choosing the appropriate accent for the voice over can help to evoke an emotional connection with the audience. When a person hears a familiar accent, it becomes easier for a person to trust the speaker and remember the business message.

For example, in the UK, hiring the right English voice actors with different regional accents is important, because an accent is loaded with preconceptions. Brands often attach themselves to an accent to give themselves a voice suited to their message. Content producers can use Voquent to find voice actors speaking over 1,426 accents. Plenty of choice for any brand.

Voquent is building an extensive library of accents and dialects which is growing all the time. So far they have included all the known dialects of Germany, France, Spain, Belgium and Holland. Aswell as the UK and the USA accents. Their next focus is Central and South American Accents and dialects of Japan and Korea.

The extensive variety of dialects is unmatched by any other voice over agencies.

Voice samples are available for people to listen to and download in 522 languages. Audio producers can search for individual dialects and languages and review samples in different vocal styles such as: explainers, commercials, documentary, telephone messages, character voices and more. Samples can be shortlisted for a project and Voquent provides a personalized quotation the same day.

Voquent also provides many additional services of benefit to business such as making content accessible for the blind and visually impaired with Signers and Audio Descriptions.  A growing audience.

Find out more about how Voquent can help business speak to audiences anywhere at www.voquent.com.

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