‘From Beauty to Flaws’ by Dr Koffa Shows the Way to Self-Love against Societal Odds

Everyone has flaws, and some have flaws that are really visible. Dr Koffa Toeque-Slyusar was among the latter, living with two appearance altering diseases, until she learnt to bring about a change. Her account of how she survived life changing illnesses and a toxic relationship is now out in a book form, “From Beauty to Flaws”. Published by Proinventive, the book is accompanied by music, and can be bought from Amazon in e-book and print formats.

Dr. Koffa suffers from sarcoidosis and FSGS (focal glomerular sclerosis), a scarring disease of the kidney. Her altered face appearance made her the focus of societal gaze wherever she went. Realizing that no one is perfect, and that we must learn to love ourselves in all our imperfections, she managed to turn her life around.

If I ignored my flaws, then we will all ignore them together, and I will just be Koffa,” records Koffa as her moment of epiphany.

‘From Beauty to Flaws’ explores the journey of a woman trying to self-cope in a vain society when confronted by changes in facial and bodily appearance. Dr. Koffa writes in a conversational style, sharing everything from health, love life and personal struggles to how she brought out her inner positivity when surrounded by chaos.

Dr. Koffa is also holding weekend seminars to discuss the book and share ways to cope with life changing circumstances by working forward. Through all of this, she aims to inspire others through accounts of her daily work in overcoming personal struggles, beauty and skincare regimens for improving skin and more.

Originally from Los Angeles and living in Las Vegas, Dr. Koffa is a marketer, designer and educator since 2002, and loves new technologies and fun things. Her official website hosts her relationship podcast and a blog.

Learn more about the author at www.coolthingswithkoffa.com

‘From Beauty to Flaws’: https://www.coolthingswithkoffa.com/copy-of-meet-with-koffa

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