\”SELF-LOVE CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN WAYS YOU NEVER COMPREHENDED\” says Harry Cheema, the founder of Soul Muzings.

Loving yourself is more important than you ever realised. Latest research shows that loving and accepting ourselves makes us happier, encourages us to reach our health goals, helps with mental health issues, pushes us to stop procrastinating and even helps to lead us through challenges and adversities.

There are spiritual teachers who are now teaching the world about the importance of Self Love. Various filmakers have also come forward to turn these ideas into visuals to help people understand the concepts better.

One such company is Soul Muzings. The team creates powerful inspirational content to assist in human evolution. Their goal is to spread ideas which are inspiring, loving and thought provoking to encourage people to follow their bliss and experience more of the happiness and contentment on this journey called life.
We got a chance to speak to Harry Cheema, the founder of Soul Muzings. He explained how the idea of self love can seem selfish to most but this could not be further from the truth. “When you don’t love yourself, you end up depending on others to validate you, to prove your worth and to make you feel complete. Unfortunately this is never very long lasting. What you need to do is to raise your opinion of yourself. You cannot truely love another until you are able to love yourself. Without self-love, you will even have a difficult time finding or experiencing love from others”.
When you love yourself, you learn to enjoy your own company and you will never feel lonely again. You develop a deeper connection with yourself, enjoying every moment in your own company. This also results in you becoming better in-tune with your intuition.
Self-love allows you to start respecting yourself. You begin to start taking better care of yourself, eating right, and saying no to things that do not resonate with you or things you do not want to do.
Loving yourself helps you raise your standards across all areas of your life and you attract people into your life who have similar healthy, loving relationship with themselves.
This video by Soul Muzings beautifully explains how self-love helps us take ownership of our own lives, which in turn gives us power. It makes us realise that we are the creators not the managers of our lives. It provides ten very important reasons why we should love ourselves.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/Ise4gsbbVWc

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