Lenses Journey Held a Monthly Challenge For Its Loyal Customers

Lenses Journey introduces a new concept in marketing contact lens products. The company’s goal is not only to look for as much profit as possible but also to make people’s life shines by using their products.

Lenses Journey is a company located in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, has a specialty in providing contact lens products for everyone who wants to see things clearer through their eyes and upgrade their look at the same time.

However, this company comes with a different marketing strategy and their vision is to change people’ lives and make it better after using their colored contacts. The vision is brought to reality by using monthly challenge offered to the customers.

The monthly challenge provided by Lenses Journey is conducted through some stages. The company will provide a monthly subscription which is called a subscription box to the clients which can be canceled anytime if it is necessary. The subscription box contains a new color lens which will be sent by the customers as a surprise. The different color lens has a different theme and meaning. The company will offer a challenge based on the different color lens. When the customers wear the colored lens and complete the challenge, it is hoped that their life will shine as bright as the lens.

The monthly challenge can be as simple as “Wake up early every Monday and meditate for 20 minutes”. This Blissful Positivity Theme is aimed to make you start your weekday in more spirit.

“This site gets me new surprise and challenge every month, their contact is comfortable too,” said Vickie Alonso, one of the customers.

Another customer of Lenses Journey also stated, “I get compliments often, it’s a great feeling and bring excitement to wait for another box every month.”

About Company

Lenses Journey is a company which provides contact lenses with good quality and design for customers. Being located in Indonesia, the company has been around for years to serve customers to get what they need about good quality contact lenses. What makes the company unique is that it is run by using unusual methods. The company encourages those who use their products to gain a better and happier life by providing a monthly challenge.

For more information about the company, please visit lensesjourney.com.

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