Lenses Journey Colored Contact Lenses, the Special Way for People to Shine Through Their Eyes

Safe and comfortable products available at $25/ month with free shipping

Indonesia – July 24, 2018 – Lenses Journey is proud to present its colored contact lenses which offer great relief for people to shine through their eyes. Lenses Journey is the first subscription box service for colored contact lenses with safety, comfort, and affordability in mind. The product is available at a giveaway price of $25 for one pair (left and right eye). The contacts lenses which comply with KFDA standards, which is the safety standard in the contact lens industry are designed to shine every single person’s life that use them.

Lenses Journey color contact lens in a unique way. Every month we will deliver you a mystery box with random theme, random contact lens color and random challenge for you. Each challenge is made to shine out your beauty in a positive way. Each contact can lasts for 6 months, leaving you with several option to choose every month from your collection,” says the spokesperson of Lenses Journey. “Our company’s vision is to shine every single person’s life that uses our brand,” he added.

For safety purpose and to ensure that the eyes of the users breathe more easily, Lenses Journey’s contact lenses use advance SDD technology. Although generally comfortable, adaptability, users’ eyes sensitiveness, how one takes care of the cleaning process, solution handling, etc will determine how individual will enjoy the product. The safety of the contact lenses also depends on individual eyes sensitivity and how they comply with the safety instructions. Contact lenses are not advised for very sensitive eyes.

Here’s how it works:

1. A monthly subscription is provided (subscription box) to the customers which they can cancel anytime

2. Every month, a new colour of contact lens is been sent to them as a surprise. And every group of color have their own theme, which every theme has a meaning behind it

3. From that theme comes a challenge that if the user do it, will (hopefully) make his/her life shine and better than before. Challenges like: “Wake up early every Monday and meditate for 20 minutes” is one of the example.

For more information visit:https://www.lensesjourney.com/

Users are advised to adopt absolute cleanness and carefulness when using the lenses, at least once a year scheduled appointment with an eye care practitioner is necessary for contact lens evaluation. The lens should be kept off in case of any adverse effect and seek immediate professional assistance and prompt treatment to avoid serious eye problem, users are to follow this instructions with great attention as it relate closely with their eyes health and safety.

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