Dental Equipments Market will be more than US$ 11 Billion by 2024

“According to Renub Research’s latest report, it is projected that the Dental Equipments Market will exceed US$ 11 Billion by the year 2024.”
Renub Research report titled “Dental Equipments Market Global Forecast by Products (Radiology Equipments, CAD/CAM System, Lasers, Chairs, Handpieces, Curing Lights, Scaling Units & Instrument Delivery Systems), Regions (Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific & Row), End User (Hospitals, Dental Clinics, Diagnostics Centre & Others) Companies (Danaher Corporation, Henry Schein, Dentsply Sirona, Straumann, Zimmer Holdings Inc., etc)” provides a complete analysis of Global Dental Equipments Market.

According to Renub Research’s latest report, it is projected that the Dental Equipments Market will exceed US$ 11 Billion by the year 2024. Some of the major factors contributing to its growth are growing cases of dental and periodontal diseases, increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry coupled with non-invasive painless surgeries. Shifting from analogue to digital technology has also contributed dental diagnostics and surgical equipments market to its pioneering growth.

In addition; rising geriatric population and demand for dental implants are also responsible for the growth of Dental Diagnostics and Surgical Equipments Market. As per the United States Census Bureau, the older population (aged 65 and over) continues to grow at an exceptional rate. Currently, around 8.5 percent of the world’s population are aged 65 or over and will account for nearly 17 percent by the year 2050.


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Dental Radiology Equipments

In the diagnosis and treatment of dental and periodontal diseases, dental radiology equipment plays a vital role. Over the period of time, dentistry has witnessed remarkable improvements in all its branches. With these improvements, the need for more accurate diagnostic equipments, become mandatory. From the simple intra-oral x-rays to modern imaging techniques such as ultrasound, cone beam computed tomography, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging have also been proficiently used in modern dentistry. With the gradually increasing usage of all these equipments in dentistry, it is anticipated that the Dental Diagnostics and Surgical Equipments Market will continue to shine brighter in the following years.


Laser in Dentistry

LASER is an acronym for ‘Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation’. For the very first time in 1960, the application of laser is used in dentistry by Miaman. In dentistry, laser has been used for various hard and soft tissue applications. For example, in hard tissue application, the laser is being used for bleaching, caries prevention, dentinal hypersensitivity, cavity preparation, restorative removal and curing and above all these it is also used for dental diagnostics purposes while its soft tissue application include removal of hyper plastic tissue to uncovering of impacted or partially erupted tooth, wound healing, photodynamic therapy for malignancies and so on. The laser has proved itself as one of the cost-effective equipment that increases efficiency, specificity and eases dental procedures.



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Dentistry in Europe

Severe periodontal and caries diseases are considered to be one of the leading causes of the loss of natural teeth.

In the European region, it is estimated that around 20-90 percent of the 6 year old children have dental caries while almost all adults have experienced dental caries once in their lifetime.
Nearly 5–20 percent of the middle-aged population has experienced severe periodontal disease while around 40 percent of the older population (65–74 years) has experience of the disease.
Almost 30 percent of the European population (65–74 years) has lost their natural teeth.

The prevalence of oral cancer ranges from 5 to 10 cases per 100000 people in European region. The incidence of oral cancer is relatively higher in men than that of women.



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Key Topics Covered:

1. Research Findings

2. Global Dental Equipments Market (2011 – 2024)

3. Market Share – Global Dental Equipments (2011 – 2024)

3.1 By Segments – Radiology Equipments, CAD/CAM Systems, Dental Lasers, Chairs, Handpieces, Curing Lights, Scaling Units, Instrument Delivery Systems
3.2 By Region – Europe, North America, Asia Pacific & Rest of World
3.3 By End User – Hospitals, Dental Clinics, Diagnostic Centre & Others

4. Segment Analysis – Global Dental Equipments Market (2011 – 2024)

4.1 Dental Radiology Equipments Market
4.2 Dental CAD/CAM Systems Market
4.3 Dental Lasers Market
4.4 Dental Chairs Market
4.5 Dental Handpieces Market
4.6 Dental Curing Lights Market
4.7 Dental Scaling Units Market
4.8 Dental Instrument Delivery Systems Market

5. By Region – Dental Equipments Market (2011 – 2024)

5.1 Europe
5.2 North America
5.3 Asia-Pacific
5.4 Rest of World

6. By End User – Dental Equipments Market

6.1 Hospitals
6.2 Dental Clinics
6.3 Diagnostics Centre
6.4 Others

7. Companies Analysis

7.1 Danaher Corporation
7.2 Biolase, Inc.
7.3 Straumann
7.4 Henry Schein, Inc.
7.5 Dentsply Sirona
7.6 Planmeca Oy
7.7 Zimmer Holdings Inc.
7.8 Patterson Companies, Inc.
7.9 Ivoclar Vivadent AG

8. Growth Drivers (Due to data confidentiality, growth drivers have not been disclosed in this table of contents)

8.1 Point No. 1
8.2 Point No. 2
8.3 Point No. 3
8.4 Point No. 4
8.5 Point No. 5
8.6 Point No. 6

9. Key Challenges (Due to data confidentiality, challenges have not been disclosed in this table of contents)

9.1 Point No. 1
9.2 Point No. 2


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