Microbiologist Launches Revolutionary Health and Medical Digital Ad Agency.

Metaphase Marketing is a groundbreaking internet marketing agency founded specifically for providing digital ads and online marketing services to health and medical organizations. The founder of Metaphase Marketing, Carlos Courtney is a brilliant 24-year-old with an innovative idea that sets to reshape the digital advertising and online marketing world.

After observing that due to a lack of awareness many healthcare organizations weren’t capitalizing on the benefits of digital ads and marketing. Similar to all types of businesses visibility plays an important role for the ultra-competitive Health and medical organizations. As a Microbiologist, having worked closely in the medical and healthcare industry, the founder of the Metaphase Marketing was able to identify 3 significant details of digital marketing in the industry. He believes that large portion companies are either not aware or were not spending enough on digital ad campaigns and online marketing. To solve this issue, Metaphase Marketing was developed as a modern digital marketing agency targeting health and medical industry offering web marketing services and packages that promises to deliver the most bang for your buck.

The founder of the Metaphase Marketing Agency said: “My vision is to build elite, go-to digital agency for biotech, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, health and wellness, and supplement companies to become well-known and generate massive revenues in the process. Metaphase Marketing will deliver high impact results for each of our clients by disseminating content and other lines of communication to bring attention to the brand and then we monetize that attention with high-quality leads and sale.”

The digital ad agency will offer exclusive social media advertising services which are carries a lot of untapped potential for the health and medical industry.

“Our primary focus is Facebook and Instagram ads which are something these industries are currently NOT doing and don’t believe in because what they are doing is the marketing of the past. Mediums like TV and print are dated because people are BARELY paying attention to it, whether they are at the gym, cooking along with a show, or during a BBQ watching a game, and immediately when a commercial comes on they pull out their phone and start scrolling through Instagram.”

About Us:

Metaphase Marketing is an internet marketing company founded by a microbiologist with a groundbreaking vision – to provide a wide range of marketing services, mostly focused on online advertising to health and medical organization. Metaphase Marketing believes in creative and out-of-the-box thinking for amazing results. For more information about Metaphase Marketing and internet marketing services, please visit: https://metaphasemarketing.com/

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